Fallen Leaves in T by Alexander Wang & Joe’s Jeans

T by Alexander Wang open cardigan (wrapped and pinned) | Old Navy lace shirt | Joe’s Jeans grey skinny jeans (similar) | Born boots | Coach Legacy Leather Molly Satchel | Ippolita Wonderland necklace

I don’t know how there can be so many leaves on the ground and so many leaves left on the trees. It’s like the opposite of the sock eating laundry monster. Where did they all come from?

The Other Black Dress

This is my original black jersey Alexander Wang dress from the F/W 2010 collection. I hugely regret not buying more of this collection. I don’t know what I was thinking. I clearly was not because I’m still trying to track down pieces of that collection.

I actually like this dress better than my other one, but I wear it less. This one always seemed a little bit fancier to me. I love the built-in scarf– so many ways to wear it, and it’s also just fun to play with. This is the first time I’ve worn something over this dress. It turned out much better than I thought it would, so I’ll have to style it again with one of my other black sweater things.

Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, Alexander Wang dress, MIA boots (DSW.com).

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:

Getting Lost in the Park

The black dress appears again! This is not really one of my better or more interesting looks. I just decided on something easy. And I’m notorious for wearing sleeveless things even in the dead of winter. I’m not really in a park– it’s Stuyvesant Town. Stuyvesant Town is a pretty old development so the trees are very tall, like in all the older parks in New York. Hardly any of the city is visible, so it barely even feels like Manhattan. It’s interesting to step off the street and immediately be somewhere so quiet.

And okay, seriously… you see all those green trees? It’s barely even fall. But yeah, these photos are from October.

Later on after I got lost in the park I met Nnenna to take some photos before having pho for dinner. We went inside the courtyard of St. Mark’s Church. It’s not a high traffic area and a good place for a photoshoot.

On Alex: London Fog trench, Alexander Wang dress, Target boots, Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), Longchamp bag.

On Nnenna: Target Trench and Tights, Forever 21 Dress (underneath), Steve Madden Flats, Lulu’s Bag.

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:

Another Day in Monochrome

September 19, 2011

I meant to post this far earlier, but I suppose life got away from me. I’ve kind of been a bad blogger this week. I’ve got tons of blog reading to do too (don’t think I’ve forgotten about you).

This Alexander Wang dress is a fun piece, I’m sort of glad for the capsule wardrobe because I wore it more than I would have with my full wardrobe. I have my favorite American Apparel shirt over it. What do you think, better off the shoulder or on? I couldn’t decide.

I also have my Foley + Corinna bag and Cole Haan shoes again. So tired of these little wedges… I need more variety and so do my heels– blisters!

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:

Monochrome for FNO 2011

September 8, 2011

Glad I was wearing little wedges for FNO as I walked so much that night. Trying to get a cab was crazy and actually getting anywhere once in the cab was almost impossible. After 6:30pm I took the NQR and walked everywhere.

I feel like I have weird, slightly vacant looking expressions on my face in all the photos I took on Thursday. Probably the change of season making me feel kind of odd. You can actually see my dress this time, unlike last time. I thought I was way too overdressed for FNO… but by 6pm it got cool out so I wrapped a sweater over my dress. It’s Alexander Wang, which I think of as sporty and sort of androgynous, but always ends up looking more cocktail hour on me? Maybe it’s the hair. I planned for down and pin straight but the weather had other plans, became way more humid in the evening and my hair puffed up so I squashed it together and stuck some pins in it.

Want to see photos from the stores during FNO?…

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Sun, Clouds, Rain

9 August 2011

Sometimes I think it’s going to be all sunny and wonderful even if there are supposed to be thunderstorms, so then I wear suede shoes and cream silk. Seriously, I was gearing up for a sunny day, the sun woke me up this morning rather than my phone. Luckily I managed to change out of the shoes and the cream silk is due for a cleaning anyway.

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Remember the Time I…

wore this last week?  Well, I wore it again with basically one modification.

Yeah, how original of me… copying myself!  I actually like the original better because of the necklace.  Unfortunately a necklace won’t work with this shirt, the top just ends up crumpled.  Also, these pants need to be hemmed right away.  Somehow during the course of the day they actually managed to end up under my 3.5 inch heels.  Not so good, but at least I noticed and didn’t wear a hole through the bottoms (I have been guilty of that on many occasions before– you’d think I’d learn!).

I have a bridal shower to attend tomorrow (for a wedding that I received a +1 invitation to… I’m old).  What should I wear?  I’m planning on being the Hipstamatic paparazzi there and I may even buy a new Hipstapak for the occasion.

Yeah, I’m that cool.

Where The Road Goes

This cross necklace is one of the surprise MVPs of the things I’ve borrowed.  It’s more versatile than I originally thought and it adds a bit of edge to anything.  Definitely one of ny favorites to borrow, although this is the first time I’ve worn the gold version.

For some reason this vest never makes it into photos, I don’t know why… it’s a little camera shy.  I just realized that it’s almost Easter and I don’t have anything to wear.  Okay, that’s a lie, but when I was younger I used to have Easter dresses.  I got a new dress for Easter every year and then I’d probably wear it again for any events in the summer.  I guess I’ve never gotten over that and every spring leaves me with a need-to-get-a-dress-now-it’s-almost-Easter-ahhhh feeling.

Ugh.  This wind!