Last Friday Night…

October 21, 2011

…was a 30th birthday party at m1-5 in TriBeCa.

That’s probably…


That’s all.

Alexander Wang dress, MIA ankle boots (was going for downtown cool, probably didn’t succeed), tiny little clamshell clutch from Coach.


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    Did you get those shoes at DSW by any chance?  Because if they are the shoes I think they are I was *this* close to buying them!  Also, you are killing it in that dress! <3

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      I did! I really like them, they’re extremely comfortable for the heel height. I think I get a good two or three hours before my feet start to hurt. Although I do have two types of insoles in them, haha.

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      Happy Halloween! I love the draping on this dress too. There’s just something about well-draped black jersey that calls to my heart. I own another dress very similar to this and will probably keep collecting them throughout my lifetime.