Winter to Summer

It’s been a long long time since I last wore this dress.  Entirely too long.  If I wait to wear it I’ll be waiting forever, so I decided to bring it out for a farewell dinner– one of my friends just moved to Omaha for work.  I also wanted to test run it again because I was thinking of wearing it to a wedding but I ended up choosing a different dress.

This is basically the same way I wore the dress last time in December, and it’s even the same belt.  Next time I want to let the scarf part of the dress loose or wrap it around my neck!  Haven’t straightened my hair in forever, too, it’s getting long in the front.  Still short in the back though… I’d like to grow it another two or three inches.

Alexander Wang dress, LOFT belt, BCBG heels, ken + dana ring.


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      Yes it was a sample sale find (thankfully) because it retailed for $900.  It’s also the best fitting dress I have, I feel like I should have bought multiples of it.  I am so looking forward to the Alex Wang summer sample sale! 

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    You are seriously rocking the summer dresses! I want to say weird Tyra like things to you in this dress and the Charlotte Russe dress. Things like: Fierce and Make It Fashion.