A Certain Illusion

5 June 2011

So I’m doing this thing where I try to take more photos and with better detail too. It’s sort of working… look, shoes!

Yeah, I’ll work on it.

I love this skirt! It’s a late birthday present. I just wish the waistband wasn’t so tight, it keeps folding over at the sides. But probably I should lay off the potato chips anyway and I’ve been thinking of buying a few medium width belts. I have tons of skinny and wide belts, but hardly any in between. They would be so useful for the skirts I have with in between waistbands as well!

J.Crew shirt and belt, Anthropologie skirt, Nine West sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag.


  1. says

    Ohh shoes! Oh oh! can not stop staring at the shoes. I think sandals are my favorite kind of shoes ever. Maybe someday I’ll move somewhere I can wear them year round.

    And i love the subtle print on the skirt, and your pale yellow mixed with the salmon top – yes, this outfit is wonderful.