The Teal Room & FBFF

So I really like the photos I’ve taken indoors lately and I’m glad I decided to give indoor photography a chance.  I like the dreamlike, softer focus of some of the photos I’ve taken.  My old little Sony takes terrible, flat photos indoors so I used to avoid indoor photography at all costs (even during snowstorms).

This week’s FBFF is about blog pet peeves and these are mine:  autoplay music, that prove-you’re-a-person-verification thing for comments (apparently it’s called CAPTCHA?), ads that have nothing to do with your blog/readership… and the last two are mostly just for style bloggers: too many photos of the same outfit (10+ is kind of excessive) and crazy huge really distracting watermarks.

And read the post that inspired this set of questions for FBFF, 10 Things about your Blog that Drive Me Crazy at Beautifully Invisible!

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Some Old Things and One New

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Salutations!  I guess I’m just into the vintage look/old looking photo look right now.  Probably has something to do with me working on the blog layout a little more.  I thought it was loading too slowly so I made a few adjustments.  If anything crazy goes down with the CSS in the next couple don’t worry, I’ll fix it!

I got two new belts at the LOFT 40% off sale!  I love buying belts when they have huge sales like that.  This is one of them.  I intended to wear it with the LOFT safari dress (and with other things too of course) but the dress didn’t fit me at all.  Petites were too tight through the chest and shoulder and I ended up swimming in regular sizes.  Sigh.  I really like that dress.

I’ve fallen behind on posts again, which means I’ll be posting through the weekend, tomorrow as well.  If you’re not out playing in the snow (or sun, lucky things) pop by the blog tomorrow!



Old rainforest umbrella, Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, BCBG dress, LOFT belt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, J.Crew wellingtons, vintage Coach bag.

It’s Fall. Maybe. (I Think)

9.20.2010 ~ Monday 

I’m getting tired of photos from Toronto, I have actually hundreds.  So here’s a break with some more recent photos!  

So… is it fall or not?  It’s been cool lately but apparently it will be 90+ again by the end of the week.  Yesterday I definitely wanted something warmer than this light sweater but I have a dearth of fall outerwear.  In fact, I have had no fall outerwear for at least the past two fall seasons but haven’t done anything about it because 1) I always feel as if I am running out of money for shopping by fall (maybe I should restart finances in line with fashion seasons?) and 2) all the jackets I want are $450 or so.  I’ve been looking around though and may have found my perfect fall jacket!  If it works out I’m sure it will be showing up after the heat wave!  

Francesca’s Collections cotton jersey cardigan sweater thing, BCBG dress, LOFT double wrap belt, Sofft platforms.  

Into the Woods

7.7.2010 ~ Wednesday

It was 100 degrees every day last week, I was practically melting in this light silk blend!  I just wanted to be as cool as possible, so I threw on a belt and easy slip on wedges.  The hood is optional (as seen in Guess Where New York) but I really like it up!  Although I do get the occasional odd look… 

BCBG dress, Charlotte Russe belt, vintage necklace, J. Crew wedges, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  

Pattern Mixing, or Walking J. Crew Ad

6.30.2010 ~ Wednesday ~ Farewell June

Oh no!  The sun went away mid-photoshoot.  I wore this for dinner (and most of it all day, just swapped the belt and shoes) with my friends.  Many of them were actually able to attend, and we decided to meet weekly on Wednesdays!  Hopefully we can also do fun things other days of the week, but it’s always nice to have a standing date! 

J. Crew sweater, tank, belt, and skirt :) BCBG sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. 

Guess Where New York

6.26.2010 ~ Saturday

The lighting isn’t terribly good in these photos but I just love the look of streestyle photography.  I wish all my photos could be taken on the streets of New York, however I don’t think carrying around my tripod is exactly practical… Also, this dress needs tailoring.  And a belt.  This is why I wish I had a polaroid camera!  Maybe I’ll get myself one for Christmas this year :)

I met some of my sorority sisters for a mini reunion day.  We had lunch at Matsugen and then went shopping in SoHo before meeting another friend still in school who’s working in the city for the summer.  I need to find a job in New York… or just a job in general, you know.  But New York is sort of my life’s goal destination.  I wouldn’t mind city life at all, even in the summer heat!  Saturday’s weather was really good though, it only ever got too hot briefly in the afternoon so we spent a lot of time in stores.  

I can across a huge find: Callalilai Boutique!  It reminds me of Free People, Anthropologie, etc. but just a little more grown up.  I highly recommend it, even if you just go in and look at the décor! 

BCBG Max Azria dress (still available), Sofft shoes (saw through the entire day!), Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, b-side by ken and dana bracelet, Coach sunglasses.  

Scenes from a Japanese restaurant, SoHo, NoLita…