The Teal Room & FBFF

So I really like the photos I’ve taken indoors lately and I’m glad I decided to give indoor photography a chance.  I like the dreamlike, softer focus of some of the photos I’ve taken.  My old little Sony takes terrible, flat photos indoors so I used to avoid indoor photography at all costs (even during snowstorms).

This week’s FBFF is about blog pet peeves and these are mine:  autoplay music, that prove-you’re-a-person-verification thing for comments (apparently it’s called CAPTCHA?), ads that have nothing to do with your blog/readership… and the last two are mostly just for style bloggers: too many photos of the same outfit (10+ is kind of excessive) and crazy huge really distracting watermarks.

And read the post that inspired this set of questions for FBFF, 10 Things about your Blog that Drive Me Crazy at Beautifully Invisible!

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    I couldn’t agree more with your pet peeves – in fact, i think they are so many peoples pet peeves that i keep reading, I wonder why anyone would still be doing these things when they know we despise them?

    I’d also add to the list people stating what size their clothing is (only relevant if they are going to post the measurements of the garment so if someone is looking to buy it online they can judge what to get for themselves) 

    Oh, and especially crazy huge watermarks on really crappy photos. I always think, “Sweetie, the horribleness of that photo is watermark enough. No one will ever want to steal it.”

    Also, loving the teal room, and your dress. Gorgeous!

  2. says

    I love that teal wall – what a gorgeous color.   Also loving your shoes, so cute with that dress.

    Yup, that annoying Word-verification is a CAPTCHA.  Love your “pet peeve” picks.  I totally forgot about watermarks.  Know what drives me bonkers?  People who watermark EDITORIALS.  Those will never be their property no matter how many WMs they put on them.

    Great responses!