J.Crewing It

October 4, 2011

Something you don’t see on this blog often– a pencil skirt! I was spending a long (and particularly gloomy) weekend in the country and my stepmother gave me a ton of clothing. Free clothes! Exciting! So I decided I had to wear this suit right away. It’s Doncaster, which I’ve never heard of, but the fabric’s very nice. Wool/wool blend.

Wearing: J.Crew shirt, Doncaster suit, Banana Republic shoes, ken + dana necklace (sample), leopard scarf (gift a friend brought back from Paris!), Louis Vuitton bag.

With Inspiration

10 August 2011

Lately I’ve been inspired by Chic on the Cheap, and I’m sure you saw What I Wore earlier this week (I like referring to bloggers by their blog names, don’t ask me why). Lydia always wears her shirts tied or knotted in the front so I decided to do it too. I’ve never worn this shirt tied before and it actually looks better this way that any other way I’ve worn it.

I hardly ever wear these shoes either and I don’t know why. They’re actually pretty comfortable and feel like slippers so I should definitely add them into the rotation. I’m sure they’d be good for walking around New York. I just can’t wear them in the rain like on Tuesday.

Banana Republic shirt, J.Crew skirt, Minnetonka moccasins.

The Teal Room & FBFF

So I really like the photos I’ve taken indoors lately and I’m glad I decided to give indoor photography a chance.  I like the dreamlike, softer focus of some of the photos I’ve taken.  My old little Sony takes terrible, flat photos indoors so I used to avoid indoor photography at all costs (even during snowstorms).

This week’s FBFF is about blog pet peeves and these are mine:  autoplay music, that prove-you’re-a-person-verification thing for comments (apparently it’s called CAPTCHA?), ads that have nothing to do with your blog/readership… and the last two are mostly just for style bloggers: too many photos of the same outfit (10+ is kind of excessive) and crazy huge really distracting watermarks.

And read the post that inspired this set of questions for FBFF, 10 Things about your Blog that Drive Me Crazy at Beautifully Invisible!

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Replica: Pink and Yellow

I’ve sort of jumped around oddly with photos this past week because there are a few looks I completely forgot about.  The original version of this outfit was worn on March 17, 2010 (it was a really nice spring last year).

This skirt is such a chameleon!  It’s one of those colors that’s never quite true when processed and is impossible to capture accurately on camera.  The real color is somewhere between the rich mustard and brilliant yellow that the skirt seems to photograph back and forth in.  I updated the original outfit with a different belt and shoes.  The shoes are still leopard, but they’re the pony hair ones I got from Banana Republic this spring.  The shoes in the original photo are Deena and Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) and are looking a very grey-washed brown these days.  Poor canvas shoes, they’re really not meant for soft ground or rain.

This year it took two full months longer for the weather to warm enough to wear this outfit again… and this week I feel back at March temperatures again.  I can hear the rain on the windows right now and I almost had to swim to Anthropologie yesterday.  The puddles are insane.  Makes me wish for a yellow raincoat and galoshes like when I was younger so I can go splash in them.

Yesterday’s Gone

This is what I ended up wearing on my birthday.  It’s a relatively new dress, been worn a few times but never made it in front of the camera.  I still haven’t decided if I like the draping thing in front of the skirt yet… should I sew it up into the waistband?  Does it look sort of Roman or just sort of apron (although aprons are big at Anthropologie right now)?

Little Leopards On My Feet

Look!  Shenneth and I must have been on the same wavelength with these colors.  I do admit to a huge fondness for rust and whatever peachy/salmony color this top is.  I was actually able to take off my tights later in the day, and I’ve pretty much been wearing bare legs since about a week ago.

I’ve finally come to a conclusion about my spring/summer wardrobe.  I’m going totally vintage.  I’m starting to look for full skirts and 70s-inspired pieces.  I got my Anthropologie happy birthday 15% off last week so hopefully that will help!

The Yellow Room

Identifying rooms by color always reminds me of the pediatrician.  I was actually almost always directed to the yellow room during my visits.

It was an extremely overcast day and I didn’t like the light outside, so I decided to try for indoor photos.  I haven’t taken them in this area in at least two years (back then this was actually the eggshell room).  They came out better indoors than out although there’s a significant amount of noise.  Don’t look too closely… very very grainy.  Although the softer focus is kind of nice.

Sorry for no post yesterday.  I didn’t get to write one until about midnight.  Also, much reading of blogs will occur tomorrow!

Red and Pink Mixing

Worn on Wednesday 17 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  Happy Thanksgiving (in the U.S. or if you’re out of the U.S. and celebrate)!  

So it was really windy last week.  Great look for me, right?  The hair in the face isn’t too much?  No?  (hahahaa)  I wore this for the day and then out for cocktails/charity benefit with my friend.  Who drank about $40 worth of cocktails and then insisted on a trip to Wendy’s before the end of the night.  The chicken nuggets were good, and I had skipped dinner.  

I think this is the first time I’ve ever put pink and red together, although the pink is very small.  The old fashion rule book stated that pink and red should not be mixed… and that even red lipstick must be carefully matched to the outfit (this does actually apply in some cases)!  And here I am breaking the rules (a little) with pink in the pattern of my dress.  I admire people who can mix pink and red separates so well, that’s definitely on my list!!

Tomorrow I have a super special post!  Get ready!  

Banana Republic long cardigan, Free People dress, LOFT belt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights (Target), Sofft pointed toe pumps.  

Things I Will Never Do Again

Worn on Tuesday 16 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  It was definitely a day for learning what things I should never do again:)  I will never take photos in the rain without an umbrella again.  My hair was soaked and curling within minutes, and my camera was rather waterlogged as well.  Next time I’ll cover it with plastic or something, I was terribly afraid for it but it’s perfectly fine, they really do stand up to a bit (or more) of rain.  I will also never wear a silk shirt with an elasticized belt again, the belt creeps up within a minute after righting it.  And creates odd bunches in the silk.  Remember this skirt from one of my Halloween costumes?  I will never wear this skirt again either.  I wanted to try it out sans costume… and then I discovered it has odd splotches of fading.  Oh well, I guess it will go back to the thrift store.  I perhaps should have attempted a floor length skirt of a different pattern as well, but it can be terribly cost prohibitive.  I don’t like any of the ones at Forever 21 either :(  

Eventually the rain chased me back inside.  I had to dry my hair again.  And my skirt.  

But there is one thing I will do again: go get a soy latte from the bike shop.  Yes, I said the bike shop.  That’s what I did the day I was wearing this.  I went everywhere in this tiny town my father lives in (ran out of soy, no espresso…) and was finally directed to the bike shop.  For a latte?  What?  But yes, it’s true, they have the best coffee in town (organic, fair trade, and only $3 for my medium soy latte).  But shhh, don’t tell anyone or the yuppies will ruin it!

Banana Republic shirt, Charlotte Russe belt, thrifted skirt (Salvation Army), Jeffrey Campbell boots, Anthropologie scarf.