Everyone is All Right

You might know that I fled the city Saturday after being evacuated. As far as I know, everyone is all right. However, my building is closed due to severe damage and I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to New York. Maybe next week? I think I’m stuck for a little bit. I hope everyone is dry, safe, and warm. Happy Halloween! It’s officially now on Saturday here.

Rain Rain Go Away

So about that spring thing… aren’t torrential downpours fun?  I had to put up my hair despite the umbrella as it was impossible to go out on Saturday without being soaked.  I swear it was raining from the ground up to the sky at one point.  I hardly ever put my hair up but am strongly considering it as a regular style due to the excessive amounts of rain… and I think it’s never a bad time for a bit of change.  I’m also taking suggestions for different hairstyles (bored of my short cut) but keep in mind that the back is significantly shorter and barely covers my neck.

I had a rather lazy Saturday and at one point I think I was actually a zombie, my allergies were that bad.  I’ve been doing the crazy hyped up/spaced out Mucinex DM thing since then and I’m not sure if I’m going to pass out or bounce off the walls right now.  But good news, I’m much better than I was on Saturday!

I had a little fun with some borrowed jewelry too.  The seafoam color of the ring and earrings just went so well with my ombre sweater.  I think I’m definitely going to try wearing this color combination again this spring.  I’m adding seafoam to the list of colors I’m committed to finding.

Here Comes The Flood Again

10 March 2011

So yeah, you can see in the background that everything was basically underwater when it rained last week.  My hair got a bit damp and started to curl so I think it looks sort of vintage in these photos.  They got a hold of me while I was in Sephora and I ended up testing the Temptu and having my eye makeup redone.  It always looks so much better when someone does it for me… wish I could stop into Sephora and have that done every day!  I liked the Temptu but I feel like I look a little too made up in these photos, what do you think?  Can you tell the difference?

P.S.  I swear a lot of time actually passed from the last photos and when I wore this shirt again.  I’ve been mildly obsessed with it lately.

Edit:  Also Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m wearing green!

And this is for real what I looked like all day.  Totally hiding under the umbrella as much as possible because the rain was blowing sideways.  There was really no escaping it.

J.Crew shirt and sash, Anthropologie skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely (Target) tights, Frye shoes, vintage umbrella, ring borrowed from internship.

Friends in the Snow, dated 29 Jan

One of the very first photos of the day, before I had a chance to stomp some of the snow down a bit.  If I’m not careful the snow will go down the top of my boots.

Saturday 29 Jan 2011

It was really snowing when these photos were taken.  My friend came over so I could play personal shopper.  We had an impromptu photo shoot because I was only half dressed when she got there and I still had to take photos.  Yeah, she thought I was pretty crazy for going out for photos in the snow.

This is Jen.  I’ve known her from the pre-school (age three).  I gave her a crash course in DSLR photography and she took that first photo of me in black and white.  We both prefer ourselves in black and white, and once I even toyed with the idea of making this a black and white only blog.

Later we went shopping (to the partially outdoor mall) and of course I forgot the umbrella.



American Apparel shirt, LOFT belt, Anthropologie skirt, Assets tights, Target boots.

Some Old Things and One New

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Salutations!  I guess I’m just into the vintage look/old looking photo look right now.  Probably has something to do with me working on the blog layout a little more.  I thought it was loading too slowly so I made a few adjustments.  If anything crazy goes down with the CSS in the next couple don’t worry, I’ll fix it!

I got two new belts at the LOFT 40% off sale!  I love buying belts when they have huge sales like that.  This is one of them.  I intended to wear it with the LOFT safari dress (and with other things too of course) but the dress didn’t fit me at all.  Petites were too tight through the chest and shoulder and I ended up swimming in regular sizes.  Sigh.  I really like that dress.

I’ve fallen behind on posts again, which means I’ll be posting through the weekend, tomorrow as well.  If you’re not out playing in the snow (or sun, lucky things) pop by the blog tomorrow!



Old rainforest umbrella, Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, BCBG dress, LOFT belt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, J.Crew wellingtons, vintage Coach bag.

Winter Outerwear: Three Old Favorites

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Oh, hello!  Snow day!

***Who’s going to Evolving Influence this year?

Another bit of minimal styling.  Well it was just me crunching around outside.  We had an ice storm and I really wanted photos of everything so I braved the outdoors.  Everything looked so delicate, like I could shatter the world with my fingertips.

Still dreaming of L.L. Bean duck boots but they’re on backorder until March.  The worst of the snow will be over by then, so I’m not sure if I should get them.  These are my favorite old wellingtons, I’ve had them since my first year of college.  I think they were a Christmas gift because first semester was incredibly rainy and I wore flip flops all the time because UGGs + downpour = all kinds of bad.  They have good traction and I love the tweed and velvet faux-buckle, but the feet get cold cold cold in the snow!  I’d love to have lined boots for snowy days.

This is also my favorite winter coat, although I can’t wear it much these days.  I got it when I was twenty and um… parts of me have grown since then.  I can’t button that top button any more, and open coats and temperatures in the teens and twenties are not friends.  But since I was just messing around with my camera in the yard for a little I decided I would be safe from frostbite.

By the time I went out in the afternoon the ice storm was a slush storm– I got out the old rainforest umbrella and sort of perched it on top of my head while I traipsed through the snow for photos.  I use this umbrella a lot during the winter.  And really any time it rains because it’s my favorite one.  I love the old-fashioned curved wooden handle and the uncollapsible design because it never flips inside out.  This is my third outerwear post, my other winter outerwear posts are purple coat and vintage fur.

If you’re on the east coast I hope your days are becoming less icy and your commutes less treacherous!