Friends in the Snow, dated 29 Jan

One of the very first photos of the day, before I had a chance to stomp some of the snow down a bit.  If I’m not careful the snow will go down the top of my boots.

Saturday 29 Jan 2011

It was really snowing when these photos were taken.  My friend came over so I could play personal shopper.  We had an impromptu photo shoot because I was only half dressed when she got there and I still had to take photos.  Yeah, she thought I was pretty crazy for going out for photos in the snow.

This is Jen.  I’ve known her from the pre-school (age three).  I gave her a crash course in DSLR photography and she took that first photo of me in black and white.  We both prefer ourselves in black and white, and once I even toyed with the idea of making this a black and white only blog.

Later we went shopping (to the partially outdoor mall) and of course I forgot the umbrella.



American Apparel shirt, LOFT belt, Anthropologie skirt, Assets tights, Target boots.


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    I don’t think my comment posted….

    I like the idea of a B/W blog! I did it for a week once — we should totally do a black and white week thing.

    And going out for photos while it’s snowing it totally worth it – they are the best!

    • says

      I’m not sure but I think something weird is going on with Disqus. Sometimes my comments are blank except for people’s names, but then they come back again :P I don’t know. A long time ago I did a black and white series too! We should declare a black and white week sometime!