Rain Rain Go Away

So about that spring thing… aren’t torrential downpours fun?  I had to put up my hair despite the umbrella as it was impossible to go out on Saturday without being soaked.  I swear it was raining from the ground up to the sky at one point.  I hardly ever put my hair up but am strongly considering it as a regular style due to the excessive amounts of rain… and I think it’s never a bad time for a bit of change.  I’m also taking suggestions for different hairstyles (bored of my short cut) but keep in mind that the back is significantly shorter and barely covers my neck.

I had a rather lazy Saturday and at one point I think I was actually a zombie, my allergies were that bad.  I’ve been doing the crazy hyped up/spaced out Mucinex DM thing since then and I’m not sure if I’m going to pass out or bounce off the walls right now.  But good news, I’m much better than I was on Saturday!

I had a little fun with some borrowed jewelry too.  The seafoam color of the ring and earrings just went so well with my ombre sweater.  I think I’m definitely going to try wearing this color combination again this spring.  I’m adding seafoam to the list of colors I’m committed to finding.