Something Old, Something New

I noticed recently on The Clothes Horse that Rebecca has been carrying her vintage black Coach bag. I’ve been looking for a black bag… and then I remembered that I have the Station bag, too. While it won’t go with all of my outfits, I’m enjoying its classic style.

The Station bag is one of the classic styles available on the Coach Classics page (how are you supposed to bookmark with the pop up layout?), but I’m sure it would be easy to find on Etsy as well. I’m also a fan of the Court bag. Too bad most Coach stores don’t carry the classics, I’d like to see it in person.

This is a new skirt! I got it at the Alexander Wang sample sale, and I bought the matching jacket too. It’s a casual fabric, so basically I have a little suit that sort of feels like loungewear. Both jacket and skirt are from the T line but I did get a dress from the flagship line. It’s very similar to the dress I already have. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

Weekender (For Real This Time)

Guys.  I think I finally got it.  A weekender look.  For real (but are the heels too much?).  I have the cotton thing down, mostly… also the loose open cardigan and denim as well.  This is a totally legit weekend ouftit, right?  Also, look up, there’s tiny growth on that tree!  There are going to be actual leaves soon.  So happy.

And also, if you’re interested in winning this necklace:

my internship is collaborating with Moxsie on Facebook for a contest– all you have to do to enter is post a photo of yourself to the event wall!

Last Minute Change

25 March 2011

I’m wearing most of this, I swear, I just switched out the skirt last minute for a new one I got at J.Crew for $19.99 during the ice storm on Wednesday (seriously, I had to seek shelter).  The new skirt is a washed black cargo, similar to this but chino instead of denim.  It also looks a little less ragged and grey than my old Urban Outfitters skirt, which is a definite improvement.

This is the same scarf necklace that I wore here.  It looks very different depending on the way I tie it and I really enjoyed the versatility.  I may borrow it again for the weekend!

This week has made me want to revisit the idea of turning this into a black and white photography only blog.  I really really like black and white photos.

Join us for the last day?  Yesterday Lydia wore another fab skirt she made!

The Purples

sunday 6 feb 2011

Hello my dears!  I didn’t feel strongly about either team playing the Super Bowl this year so I decided I needed to wear nearly head-to-toe purple.  I hardly every do monochrome unless it’s head to toe black so this outfit was… interesting for me.  Maybe I should have gone with the cream camisole after all?  I know I look rather out of season but I seriously couldn’t resist, it was 38 degrees.  That’s a huge heatwave considering it’s been falling to the teens after the sun goes down!

Seriously though, how tired of snow boots are you?  I needed to wear this floral sweater to brighten up my winter.  Bye, have a good weekend, and happy fashion week!!



J.Crew cardigan and bracelets, Old Navy camisole, LOFT skirt and belt, HUE tights, Mossimo/Target boots.

Not a Snow Day

Thursday 3 Feb 2011

I’m not really wearing yellow, but I am carrying yellow.  I hardly use this bag any more so I decided to bring it out for yellow week.  I used to carry it all the time in school, but it’s really big so now I mostly use it when I’m traveling.  I also decided that I needed to wear grey and brown today.  I’m not sure if it works, I definitely would have preferred different shoes.

I usually take photos around sunset, but these I took in the morning.  I’m so much paler-looking earlier in the day.  That’s my actual skin tone right now in the dead of winter.  I think I prefer the light in the afternoon because I look a little less vampire at that time of the day.  And what’s up with my lipstick?  Yikes, I guess I need some with warmer tones.  Either that or my lips are actually blue under there from the cold!



Old Navy shirt, Anthropologie belt, LOFT skirt, HUE tights, Target boots, Antik Batik, Longchamp bag.

Winter Outerwear: Three Old Favorites

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011

Oh, hello!  Snow day!

***Who’s going to Evolving Influence this year?

Another bit of minimal styling.  Well it was just me crunching around outside.  We had an ice storm and I really wanted photos of everything so I braved the outdoors.  Everything looked so delicate, like I could shatter the world with my fingertips.

Still dreaming of L.L. Bean duck boots but they’re on backorder until March.  The worst of the snow will be over by then, so I’m not sure if I should get them.  These are my favorite old wellingtons, I’ve had them since my first year of college.  I think they were a Christmas gift because first semester was incredibly rainy and I wore flip flops all the time because UGGs + downpour = all kinds of bad.  They have good traction and I love the tweed and velvet faux-buckle, but the feet get cold cold cold in the snow!  I’d love to have lined boots for snowy days.

This is also my favorite winter coat, although I can’t wear it much these days.  I got it when I was twenty and um… parts of me have grown since then.  I can’t button that top button any more, and open coats and temperatures in the teens and twenties are not friends.  But since I was just messing around with my camera in the yard for a little I decided I would be safe from frostbite.

By the time I went out in the afternoon the ice storm was a slush storm– I got out the old rainforest umbrella and sort of perched it on top of my head while I traipsed through the snow for photos.  I use this umbrella a lot during the winter.  And really any time it rains because it’s my favorite one.  I love the old-fashioned curved wooden handle and the uncollapsible design because it never flips inside out.  This is my third outerwear post, my other winter outerwear posts are purple coat and vintage fur.

If you’re on the east coast I hope your days are becoming less icy and your commutes less treacherous!



Recreating The Cape

My dear friends,

A year ago today is when I took the first real photos (not in the mirror) for this blog.  I thought I’d celebrate by updating the look.

I took these photos over the weekend before the biiiiig snow.  I guess it really is time to retire my stilettos for the winter, snow and more snow in the forecast for the foreseeable future.  I had to change to my Jeffrey Campbell boots to actually do anything.

Although I love the cape, I have to admit that I don’t exactly love the cape on me.  It’s not the best of silhouettes for a petite and I always feel too overwhelmed: all you can see is the cape, like HELLO CAPE— oh, and are in you there, Alex?

I wore my Alexander Wang sweater tunic/dress thing under the cape.  It has a much looser fit than I usually go for but I adore it both as a very small dress and a tunic!

Oh, I was also featured on the We Love Colors Style Blog on Wednesday.  Not a bad way to celebrate a year of photos!

Love and snowflakes,


  • Target cape, LOFT embellished belt, Alexander Wang sweater tunic/dress, Old Navy camisole, J Brand 10-inch skinny jeans, Luccia G. heels.

Sunlight Through the Trees

Worn on Thursday 23 Dec 2010 – Christmas Eve Eve

So I forgot about these photos from a few days before Christmas.  I was at the airport at 5am… blah.  Not the earliest flight I’d ever taken but definitely the earliest in a long time.  Usually if I’m up at 4am it means I never went to sleep, it was a bit odd getting up without the sun!  Soo sooooo dark!

For a different look I folded down the top of the my over the knee boots.  And also to make getting through airport security easier, shoe removal in the US ugh.  Scarf removal too, I forgot about my tiny little scarf and I had to go back and send it through to be X-rayed!

Anthropologie sweater, Old Navy shirt (under there somewhere), BGD/Urban Outfitters skirt, Assets tights, Jeffrey Campbell boots.


Worn on Friday 19 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  This is me pre-migraine… I could feel it coming on and you can probably see it in the shadows under my eyes.  Bleh.  I did recover eventually, thankfully.  After a lot of Excedrin and caffeine.  All those beautiful red leaves on the tree are gone too, so terribly sad the storm blew them all away.  

I was very tempted to wear this lace shirt without the navy camisole underneath but it was cold.  And windy.  And the shirt, it’s very sheer.  Although I’m really happy with the quality, it’s much nicer than I expected and that’s saying a lot— it’s from Free People.   I have decent general knowledge of the color wheel (copious art lessons as a child), but I find myself pairing colors more consciously since I started following Academichic.  I think I started following Academichic in the spring so I’m totally positive how I got to that post from spring 2009 but I’m glad I did, it’s a great reference!  

Free People lace shirt, Old Navy camisole, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, stockings from… ?, Sofft shoes.