Something Old, Something New

I noticed recently on The Clothes Horse that Rebecca has been carrying her vintage black Coach bag. I’ve been looking for a black bag… and then I remembered that I have the Station bag, too. While it won’t go with all of my outfits, I’m enjoying its classic style.

The Station bag is one of the classic styles available on the Coach Classics page (how are you supposed to bookmark with the pop up layout?), but I’m sure it would be easy to find on Etsy as well. I’m also a fan of the Court bag. Too bad most Coach stores don’t carry the classics, I’d like to see it in person.

This is a new skirt! I got it at the Alexander Wang sample sale, and I bought the matching jacket too. It’s a casual fabric, so basically I have a little suit that sort of feels like loungewear. Both jacket and skirt are from the T line but I did get a dress from the flagship line. It’s very similar to the dress I already have. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

It’s Black and White Week!

17 March 2011

So far March is definitely living up to the “in like a lion thing”.  It’s been really windy with no hope of normal-looking hair. Also whenever it’s rained, it has rained.  I’m thinking it’s going to be decidedly soggy this week, which is too bad because I wanted to walk around with my tripod.  But I’ll freak if my camera gets wet… are there raincoats for cameras?  I feel like someone must make those…

It’s Black and White Week so post some black and white photos with Lydia and me!

P.S. Sorry about the awkward lens flare.  It’s green in color so it’s actually kind of festive– I wore this on St. Patrick’s Day last week.  Also, first sandals of spring!  My feet are not in shape for open toes anymore, could definitely feel a blister coming on.

Texture: Dots

9.3.10 ~ Friday

So if you haven’t heard yet, Lookbook is open now!  However, I think I’m not hipster enough/don’t have any professional photographer friends/my really emo looking glare is totally not up to par, so I probably won’t be singing up (at least not until I perfect the emo looking glare, seriously no one smiles on Lookbook).  

It was really cool last Friday, a bit of a preview to fall weather before the temperature skyrocketed to the 90s again!  I enjoyed the break from the heat but I’ll be really sad when it’s full dark at 5pm.  I guess it’ll give me practice with nighttime photography, although it won’t be good for my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) because I’ll totally be wanting an external flash, umbrellas, snow resistant lenses… yeah I don’t even think those last ones exist, but I’ll want them anyway!  

I’m missing Fashion’s Night Out again — have fun, everyone, I’m a little jealous — but I think the tiff will be just as good!  

Some label I forget from Francesca’s Collections tee shirt cardigan, Confetti dress, F21 belt, Bandolino shoes.