It’s Black and White Week!

17 March 2011

So far March is definitely living up to the “in like a lion thing”.  It’s been really windy with no hope of normal-looking hair. Also whenever it’s rained, it has rained.  I’m thinking it’s going to be decidedly soggy this week, which is too bad because I wanted to walk around with my tripod.  But I’ll freak if my camera gets wet… are there raincoats for cameras?  I feel like someone must make those…

It’s Black and White Week so post some black and white photos with Lydia and me!

P.S. Sorry about the awkward lens flare.  It’s green in color so it’s actually kind of festive– I wore this on St. Patrick’s Day last week.  Also, first sandals of spring!  My feet are not in shape for open toes anymore, could definitely feel a blister coming on.


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    In? This is the 21st, shouldn’t we be on the out portion by now?? (I type as I look out the window to a downpour of slush.)

    Your wrap dress is adorable, and it’s true, there is no hope for good hair.

    • says

      You’re totally right, should be the out portion. It’s actually a shirt and skirt, but you’re right it does look like a wrap dress, I totally didn’t see that before! In anticipation of the lovely weather tomorrow I’ve let my hair go curly… looks a little like a bird tried to nest in it. Yeah.