Pre-Photoshoot in the Gardens

12 August 2011

These are actually test shots for a maternity photoshoot that I stood in for to check the light. My friend (of the baby shower) asked me for some artsy black and white photos. So I needed to scout locations for privacy and test the light beforehand. I think I found some lovely options.

I wore black and white because my friend has paler skin than I do and will be wearing black. I wanted as close to possible as that so I could get a more accurate idea of how the contrast will turn out once I black and white the photos. A really good back and white photograph is much more than just applying a filter. Location also matters.

These photos make me realize how much I need my hair cut. The last time I went to the salon was February… I think? I’m definitely going to call for an appointment!

Texture: Dots

9.3.10 ~ Friday

So if you haven’t heard yet, Lookbook is open now!  However, I think I’m not hipster enough/don’t have any professional photographer friends/my really emo looking glare is totally not up to par, so I probably won’t be singing up (at least not until I perfect the emo looking glare, seriously no one smiles on Lookbook).  

It was really cool last Friday, a bit of a preview to fall weather before the temperature skyrocketed to the 90s again!  I enjoyed the break from the heat but I’ll be really sad when it’s full dark at 5pm.  I guess it’ll give me practice with nighttime photography, although it won’t be good for my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) because I’ll totally be wanting an external flash, umbrellas, snow resistant lenses… yeah I don’t even think those last ones exist, but I’ll want them anyway!  

I’m missing Fashion’s Night Out again — have fun, everyone, I’m a little jealous — but I think the tiff will be just as good!  

Some label I forget from Francesca’s Collections tee shirt cardigan, Confetti dress, F21 belt, Bandolino shoes.  

Les Cheveux

On Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm… I finally got my hair cut!  Are you ready for it?  

I don’t think you’re ready yet!  But okay….

L’haircut, it is le short! 

5.26.2010 Wednesday

This post is extremely late!  Sorry, I had quite a busy weekend… busy partying!  I can’t even remember what I did when I wore this dress other than go to work… that was probably all, actually.  

My cousin brought that cool fan back from a trip to Spain! 

I forget but it’s from Confetti in the Outer Banks dress, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft sandals.