On Location Again

August 24, 2011

Another day, another photoshoot. I photographed the my friend’s almost six-week old newborn, so I’m not wearing jewelry or anything that could accidentally damage baby’s skin.

I haven’t worn this skirt in forever! It’s from Express about a year ago or so. I started disliking the elastic waist and didn’t like any of my belts over it until I tried this one (Forever 21, my new favorite black belt). I got this Generra shirt from Marshalls five years ago and promptly cut off most of the sleeves, which used to bell out and end at the elbow.

This is another no looking day, I suppose. I don’t know what I’ve been doing lately when I take photos but it does not include looking at the camera. I’ll try and fix that, or at least be me conscious of the photos I’m taking.

Pre-Photoshoot in the Gardens

12 August 2011

These are actually test shots for a maternity photoshoot that I stood in for to check the light. My friend (of the baby shower) asked me for some artsy black and white photos. So I needed to scout locations for privacy and test the light beforehand. I think I found some lovely options.

I wore black and white because my friend has paler skin than I do and will be wearing black. I wanted as close to possible as that so I could get a more accurate idea of how the contrast will turn out once I black and white the photos. A really good back and white photograph is much more than just applying a filter. Location also matters.

These photos make me realize how much I need my hair cut. The last time I went to the salon was February… I think? I’m definitely going to call for an appointment!

Sometimes I Carry a Parasol


If Wednesday Addams had a sundress I think it would look like this. One year for Halloween I was Morticia Addams and my grand aunt sewed me a fabulous black dress with long, trailing sleeves and a mermaidish bottom. Wish it still fit, but I was eight or nine at the time. Now that I think of it, I guess I’ve always been a little bit dark with my clothing choices.

I got this parasol when I was sixteen on my first student exchange visit to Japan. It was late July/early August and hotter and more humid than anywhere I’d ever been. I bought anything that might have the ability to keep me cool, including multiple fans to match different outfits. One of my chaperone/interpreters carried this neo-Victorian black parasol with a curved wooden handle that I really admired. It was very stylish and she had a black lace fan, too.

I always get nostalgic about being in Japan around this time of year. And let’s face it, any time there’s a major cultural holiday in Japan. I wish I could travel more but Asia is just so far and so expensive. I have to start carving out a place in the budget for travel funds.

…maybe after I find a paying job.

Forever 21 dress and belt, Seychelles shoes, parasol from Japan.

Dreams That You Dream Of

I’ve found myself with writer’s block all week.  Not sure why, I suppose I’ve just been lacking writing inspiration.  Either that or I’ve been writing way too much professionally in the past few weeks and have reached my acceptably decent writing limit.

Wore this sometime last week on a day that wasn’t too warm.  Luckily I had the in-between winter/spring coat to wear.  This week the weather’s been quite nice, I spent some time in the park today taking photos of flowers with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app… and then I happened to look to my right and notice a suit doing the same thing with his BlackBerry, haha.  The flowers look super nice for just having popped up suddenly so I suspect some landscapers may have had something to do with that!

Winter Outerwear: Black and White

17 Feb 2011

Warmth!  It was very welcome after all the snow, rain, and freezing rain lately.  I even have proof that I wasn’t the only crazy out without a jacket, the guy in the background is totally carrying his.  Sorry for no post yesterday, so much to do lately!  And sorry I’ve been a really bad blog reader/commenter too, I’m hoping to become up to date with everyone later in the week.

This coat isn’t actually winter outerwear because it’s so light, but I was able to wear it one day at the beginning of the thaw.  The snow is melting and I hope there won’t be any more.  I love snow but it was a seriously snowy winter.  Some of my other winter outwear posts are Vintage, Snow Falling, Three Old Favorites, and Snowstorm of the Week.

I really like this ring!  But I had to give it back.

Forever 21 coat, Francesca’s Collections shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, Cole Haan shoes, b-side by ken and dana jewelry.

Dressing for Dinner

12 Feb 2011

Okay, so this is really dressing for a late cocktail party.

For the most part this blog is a chronicle of my daywear– I rarely post photos if I change for dinner (or later) because there’s not a lot of usable light around 8/9 pm.  But this day I got back and changed right away to capture photos.  I wore this for evening when one of my sorority sisters had a Valentine’s cocktail party.  I didn’t want to be too too dressed but luckily there were tons of people in red satin and stilettos.  I had to forego the heels, still far too much ice and too many tall snow banks that must be navigated.  I’ve been doing good with wearing responsible footwear lately.  Walking three miles through New York almost every day I’m there is really doing bad things for my knee, so no heels possible at this time.

Also, sorry I’ve been a bad commenter and a bad comment replier.  I’m going to have to set aside nights for blogging or something.  Time.  Management.  Been out of school for too long.



Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, Betsey Johnson dress (vintage), Forever 21 belt, We Love Colors tights, Cole Haan shoes.

Almost Too Dark

My dear friends,

I almost didn’t get photos of the outfit I wore to the dinner party because it was going on six o’clock when I finished dressing.  The exposure value is pushed all the way up and the flash is on as well in these photos.  So the color/lighting is a little odd- the farther I stand from the camera the more the photos look darker and less focused (sorry).  I shot this look before a long time ago but forgot about it, I skipped photos because I was so behind.  I didn’t wear it anywhere good anyway, so definitely no harm in repeating!  I do occasionally repeat entire outfits that I’m really fond of.

The dinner party was excellent!  Dinner parties at that household are never to be missed.  If you’re out of state then come back, seriously.  I ate so much.  I never can say no to corned beef and the home made banana chocolate cake with icing made entirely out of chocolate.  I can hardly ever eat cake any more due to too much milk in the icing so of course I ate two pieces (they were thin, I swear)!



Gap blazer, scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), J.Crew cardigan and belt (not pictured), H&M dress, Forever 21 velvet leggings, Frye boots.

Lately in Lace and Double Plaid

11.3.10 – Wednesday 

I was so glad when these lace tights went on sale at Target, I didn’t want to pay full price for them because they seem so delicate and like they might easily rip.  I’ve only worn them twice, so far so good (and better than my usual record for delicate legwear, which is a run or hole during the second wear)!  I hope I get to wear them a few more times, it’s supposed to be in the 50s for the remainder of the week, definitely more promising than last week.  I was a little bit cold!  

What do you think of wearing two different plaid patterns at the same time?  I definitely don’t think it can be done all the time, but the pattern on the coat is subtle and only two colors so I thought I should just go for it!  Also, I was really feeling black and pink that day.  I think it helps that my scarf has at least two colors the same as the coat.  This scarf is also one of my winter favorites, you really can’t beat cashmere for warmth and softness among wool.  And it’s really stood the test of time and held up beautifully over the past four years!  

Forever 21 coat, LOFT shirt, Express skirt, Merona (Target) tights, Burberry scarf, Sofft shoes.  

Faking Lace

8.10.2010 ~ Tuesday 

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s black and white week here at alex elizabeth.  I just got up one day and decided to filter my photos in black and white… and maybe one in color!  I’m on some kind of fun with filters kick because I’ve been playing around with Poladriod too — that’s up next!  

This is another resurrected look (from January 28, 2010 in fact) and my photos still generally look the same… well, maybe there’s been a slight improvement.  I’ve been shopping for a new camera for a while but I think I’m going to have to find a camera store and fiddle with them in person.  My father just got a new camera and I do not like it — too cumbersome — so since I want a giant DSLR it would probably be better that I go and actually look at some cameras not on a computer screen.  I’ll be missing my touch screen, I don’t think DSLRs have them.  I literally don’t know what to do with buttons on a camera any more, they just confuse me and I keep pushing the screen!  I guess people feel the same way about my camera though, it freaks people out because it doesn’t have buttons!  

Rodarte for Target dress, Forever 21 belt, Sofft platforms.