Favorite Summer Hair Products for Beachy Waves

bumble and bumble surf spray, grooming creme, and surf shampoo and conditioner

Dear Nnenna,

My favorite way to style my hair during the hot and humid months is in slightly messy, beachy-looking waves. My curly hair is really a blessing because it’s fun to style and has good volume. However, during the summer that can definitely work against me. All that humidity is definitely frizz-inducing. Not a good thing, especially because I need my hair cut. It’s been since last September!

I’ve tried tons of hair products from really expensive to really inexpensive. My favorite summer hair products are both from Bumble and bumble, which tends to be on the more expensive side. I don’t mind the price, though. They last a long time and actually work, unlinke some other expensive products I’ve used.

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Impending Potential Hairstyle Change

So I’d like to apologize for the dreadful state of my hair lately.  It’s a little scraggly and wild.  My regular hair cut is Monday and I’ve been doing some serious thinking about it.  Why so serious (and admittedly seriously silly)?  

 I might get bangs.  Like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction kind of bangs.  

For reference, me with bangs:  

My shutterbug friends and I in Uniqulo in Japan on February 11, 2008 (gotta love the flickr embedded metadata).  (Umm what am I wearing?)  Unfortunately no photos of me with straight up blunt bangs exist on this computer.  These were originally blunt bangs that got long so I swept them off to the side a bit.  

And again in Ireland, August 22, 2009:

Ehh, you can’t see them because the wind blended them in with the rest of my hair.  Yeah, you got me, this photo is mainly for Caitlin— I’m trying to tempt you into Ireland on the cheap (it was my friend’s and my graduation present to ourselves).  We managed it after being poor, hungry, studied-abroad-halfway-across-the-world, denim-wearing-every-day (eek!) college students for four years, it just took a budget and a plan! 

I was thinking about having them cut last time at the salon… but I still don’t know.  Since I actually did some thinking about it instead of just making an impulsive decision, I realized I’ve actually had bangs for at least 70% of my life.  And I might actually miss them?  What?  I know, bangs can be such a styling bother, especially for curly hair/humid climates.  And I don’t know about bangs when my hair is this short.  Maybe when it’s longer?  I have always loved Anne Hathaway’s in The Devil Wears Prada.  

What do you think, should I have bangs cut on Monday?

Les Cheveux

On Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm… I finally got my hair cut!  Are you ready for it?  

I don’t think you’re ready yet!  But okay….

L’haircut, it is le short! 

5.26.2010 Wednesday

This post is extremely late!  Sorry, I had quite a busy weekend… busy partying!  I can’t even remember what I did when I wore this dress other than go to work… that was probably all, actually.  

My cousin brought that cool fan back from a trip to Spain! 

I forget but it’s from Confetti in the Outer Banks dress, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft sandals.