Les Cheveux

On Tuesday afternoon at 1 pm… I finally got my hair cut!  Are you ready for it?  

I don’t think you’re ready yet!  But okay….

L’haircut, it is le short! 

5.26.2010 Wednesday

This post is extremely late!  Sorry, I had quite a busy weekend… busy partying!  I can’t even remember what I did when I wore this dress other than go to work… that was probably all, actually.  

My cousin brought that cool fan back from a trip to Spain! 

I forget but it’s from Confetti in the Outer Banks dress, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft sandals.  


5.24.2010 Monday

Last photos with long hair.  I’ve worn this shirt with the yellow version of this skirt before (it’s actually one of the best things I’ve ever worn) and thought I’d try it out with this color for an almost monochromatic look!  

I’ve been wearing these Sofft platforms constantly!  I totally need to change it up a little!

Francesca’s Collections shirt, Odille (Anthropologie) skirt, J. Crew belt, Sofft platforms.

The What I Wore Sweet and Rough Challenge

5.23.2010 Saturday

So last night as I was trying desperately to post this… tumblr would not only not post — it kept deleting any modifications to the draft.  Poo.  

I thought I gained a bit of a tan in Atlantic City (unintentionally, as everyone in real life knows I use Mystic) but these photos seem to prove otherwise.  Although it’s possible that the extreme clouds are responsible for it, and it was raining as I took these photos.  That’s why my hair is so big!  It’s not full of secrets, I swear!  I’m having it cut today, thankfully.  I don’t even know what I’m doing with it, just that it has to become shorter.  And I’m considering bangs again because I think something about the lines of my face is too harsh without them.  Although apparently I love the hair in Shanghai right now, and there are no bangs with those two cuts.  I’m also a fan of Lucy Liu’s hair.  She doesn’t have bangs either.  Maybe I’ll just put myself at the mercy of my stylist?  

American Apparel black dolman sleeve shirt, Forever 21 black studded belt, Charlotte Russe purple floral shorts, Aldo black studded sandals, Foley + Corinna black Jetsetter Jr., misc. jewelry Forever 21 and b-side by ken and dana.  

The Print

5.20.2010 Thursday

It was humid on Thursday!  So I opted for a summery dress.  This post was actually meant to test this dress as a possible guest of wedding look, but I’ve ordered the Aidan Mattox one so I won’t be considering this any more!  It is 100% silk and the ceremony is at 4:30 pm, otherwise I wouldn’t have considered it.

When I read the reviews on Anthropologie a lot of people noted that the top of the dress folds… and now I understand what they meant.  Maybe a good tailor can do something about that?  This dress also needs to be shortened three or four inches I think, and I’d like darts put in because the skirt is just so voluminous!

Multicolor print dress (Anthropologie), turquoise necklace (vintage), tan wedge sandals (Steve Madden). 

Casual Blues

5.16.2010 Sunday

Denim?  Neverrrrrrr!  Okay, well I do sometimes wear denim, though by now you probably know I don’t have a particular fondness for pants.  They’re just not terribly flattering on me :P  

This is my attempt at boyfriend, except these are slouchy skinny jeans.  I think they’re supposed to look like this on regular-sized people but I’m a petite so they look more like boyfriend.  So imagine what boyfriend jeans look like on me — not too good.  I can’t wear boyfriend shorts either.  I love them… on other people!  I don’t always always follow style rules though!  I just bought that pink Aidan Mattox floor length gown, a length that is generally the cardinal sin of petite dressing.  I’m wearing it to a black tie optional gala at which all the men wear tuxedos anyway (I saw last year’s photos), and an outdoor wedding later in June so I feel like it was a good choice! 

Navy blouse (Ann Taylor Loft, huge sale going on now), black belt (Forever 21), slouchy skinny jeans (Banana Republic), nude pumps (Sofft), gunmetal chain bracelet (b-side by ken and dana). 

Debut: Azur

5.15.10 (I think) 

I’m debuting my new wallet, a birthday gift from my cousin.  It’s called the Alexandra Wallet and is sadly named for a French explorer and not after me :)  I would love to use this as a clutch for evening but there is no way I’m getting an iPhone to stay in there.  

I’ve only worn this shirt twice and already it’s beginning to fall apart!  The woven fabric is literally unraveling by my arm.  Luckily it’s not too noticeable and I can mostly likely fix it without too much difficulty… I hope.  

I’ve been sitting on these photos a while wondering if I should reshoot this look.  As you can see, the elasticized waist of my shirt is visible in all the photos… I’ve inexplicably lost weight around my rib cage?  Meaning that this yellow skirt is becoming a little large on me now and kept sliding down throughout the day.  Ah well, it’s much more noticeable in the photos than it was in real life!

Blue shirt (Free People), yellow skirt (Odille – Anthropologie), gold belt (Shimamura, on one of many shopping excursions with my friends), gold shoes (Banana Republic).  


5.14.2010 Friday

Not my most inspired look :)  I always feel slightly vintage whenever I wear polka dots, so it’s antique filter day!  I like to leave a little color in photos rather than have full sepia.  

Black dolman sleeve shirt (American Apparel), black studded belt (Forever 21), black and white polka dot skirt (Emmelee for Francesca’s Collections), nude pumps (Sofft), gunmetal bracelet (b-side by ken and dana). 

Purple Clouds

5.10.2010 Monday

The pattern on this shirt reminds me of stylized clouds in Japanese art.  My cousins got it for me for my birthday, it’s from Anthropologie though I forget the label and it’s downstairs drying right now.  

Looking a little dead… these were taken directly after the weekend in Atlantic City.  

And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Grey leopard cardigan (Old Navy), yellow and purple shirt (Anthropologie), brown belt (Charlotte Russe), brown skirt (J. Crew), nude pumps (Sofft). 

twenty. three.

5.6.2010 Thursday and tumblr did not save my draft the only time I have wanted it to…

My birthday!  I was out for lunch and dinner.  Yum!  I’ve heard twenty three is a difficult birthday and the recommended course of action is to wallow about old age for at least half the day and then go perk up with some Starbucks.  I napped and perked up with some Starbucks… before dinner. 

I wanted to photograph this dress in full sun but overexposure was a huge problem — so bright!  So here it is in sun/shade and it appears to have a splotchy pattern… that mysteriously moves in each photo! 

I received my first present from the mailman… well really from Christi.  The scarf and necklace are from her and I decided to wear them as I was getting dressed and talking to her on gchat.  She was glad she could accessorize my outfit without trying! :)  This is a relatively new Diane von Furstenberg dress, although it’s actually from S/S ‘09 collection and deeply discounted on Yoox.  I may wear it to a wedding in June but I am not sure.  It’s quite sheer and I feel it makes my hips look unusually wide due to the volume at the sides.  You can see where it’s folded at the waist, otherwise part of the dress sticks straight out of the body and thank goodness for the wide sash!  It also has very, very high side slits… it is actually from the soleil + swim line.  So I’m now questioning if I am going to wear it.  We’ll see!  I think I definitely have to test run it again sometime this month!

Yellow dress (Diane von Furstenberg), peacock print scarf (somewhere in Manhattan Beach), turquoise necklace (vintage from a store in Austin), tan wedge sandals (Steve Madden).