twenty. three.

5.6.2010 Thursday and tumblr did not save my draft the only time I have wanted it to…

My birthday!  I was out for lunch and dinner.  Yum!  I’ve heard twenty three is a difficult birthday and the recommended course of action is to wallow about old age for at least half the day and then go perk up with some Starbucks.  I napped and perked up with some Starbucks… before dinner. 

I wanted to photograph this dress in full sun but overexposure was a huge problem — so bright!  So here it is in sun/shade and it appears to have a splotchy pattern… that mysteriously moves in each photo! 

I received my first present from the mailman… well really from Christi.  The scarf and necklace are from her and I decided to wear them as I was getting dressed and talking to her on gchat.  She was glad she could accessorize my outfit without trying! :)  This is a relatively new Diane von Furstenberg dress, although it’s actually from S/S ‘09 collection and deeply discounted on Yoox.  I may wear it to a wedding in June but I am not sure.  It’s quite sheer and I feel it makes my hips look unusually wide due to the volume at the sides.  You can see where it’s folded at the waist, otherwise part of the dress sticks straight out of the body and thank goodness for the wide sash!  It also has very, very high side slits… it is actually from the soleil + swim line.  So I’m now questioning if I am going to wear it.  We’ll see!  I think I definitely have to test run it again sometime this month!

Yellow dress (Diane von Furstenberg), peacock print scarf (somewhere in Manhattan Beach), turquoise necklace (vintage from a store in Austin), tan wedge sandals (Steve Madden).