The What I Wore Sweet and Rough Challenge

5.23.2010 Saturday

So last night as I was trying desperately to post this… tumblr would not only not post — it kept deleting any modifications to the draft.  Poo.  

I thought I gained a bit of a tan in Atlantic City (unintentionally, as everyone in real life knows I use Mystic) but these photos seem to prove otherwise.  Although it’s possible that the extreme clouds are responsible for it, and it was raining as I took these photos.  That’s why my hair is so big!  It’s not full of secrets, I swear!  I’m having it cut today, thankfully.  I don’t even know what I’m doing with it, just that it has to become shorter.  And I’m considering bangs again because I think something about the lines of my face is too harsh without them.  Although apparently I love the hair in Shanghai right now, and there are no bangs with those two cuts.  I’m also a fan of Lucy Liu’s hair.  She doesn’t have bangs either.  Maybe I’ll just put myself at the mercy of my stylist?  

American Apparel black dolman sleeve shirt, Forever 21 black studded belt, Charlotte Russe purple floral shorts, Aldo black studded sandals, Foley + Corinna black Jetsetter Jr., misc. jewelry Forever 21 and b-side by ken and dana.