Casual Blues

5.16.2010 Sunday

Denim?  Neverrrrrrr!  Okay, well I do sometimes wear denim, though by now you probably know I don’t have a particular fondness for pants.  They’re just not terribly flattering on me :P  

This is my attempt at boyfriend, except these are slouchy skinny jeans.  I think they’re supposed to look like this on regular-sized people but I’m a petite so they look more like boyfriend.  So imagine what boyfriend jeans look like on me — not too good.  I can’t wear boyfriend shorts either.  I love them… on other people!  I don’t always always follow style rules though!  I just bought that pink Aidan Mattox floor length gown, a length that is generally the cardinal sin of petite dressing.  I’m wearing it to a black tie optional gala at which all the men wear tuxedos anyway (I saw last year’s photos), and an outdoor wedding later in June so I feel like it was a good choice! 

Navy blouse (Ann Taylor Loft, huge sale going on now), black belt (Forever 21), slouchy skinny jeans (Banana Republic), nude pumps (Sofft), gunmetal chain bracelet (b-side by ken and dana).