It’s Fall. Maybe. (I Think)

9.20.2010 ~ Monday 

I’m getting tired of photos from Toronto, I have actually hundreds.  So here’s a break with some more recent photos!  

So… is it fall or not?  It’s been cool lately but apparently it will be 90+ again by the end of the week.  Yesterday I definitely wanted something warmer than this light sweater but I have a dearth of fall outerwear.  In fact, I have had no fall outerwear for at least the past two fall seasons but haven’t done anything about it because 1) I always feel as if I am running out of money for shopping by fall (maybe I should restart finances in line with fashion seasons?) and 2) all the jackets I want are $450 or so.  I’ve been looking around though and may have found my perfect fall jacket!  If it works out I’m sure it will be showing up after the heat wave!  

Francesca’s Collections cotton jersey cardigan sweater thing, BCBG dress, LOFT double wrap belt, Sofft platforms.