Blue Bird Dress Needs a New Home!

I only got to wear my blue bird dress twice.  I washed it (delicate, cold, exactly as the instructions said) and it still shrunk beyond all hope.  I’m very sad, but I guess that’s what I get for an expensive item that’s still poor quality.  I know a lot of people love it, but I don’t think I’ll buy blue bird again.

I just received an awesome dress that Stephanie of Those Tricks was giving away, so I’d like to pass the blue bird dress on to someone it might fit. It’s really more of a tunic now though, it shrunk a lot in length.  The measurements are as follows:


bust: 36in
waist: 25in (relaxed), I think it would stretch comfortably to 28-29
hip: free/50in
length: 30.25in from the center, 29.75in at the sides 

I think it would best fit a modern size 6, maybe an 8 that’s small through the torso.  For reference, I usually take a 8 in dresses (give or take one size up or down depending on how a piece runs) and the dress is now too small for me in the chest, the buttons are gaping slightly.  It is also too small in the waist for me now, the elastic fits but is uncomfortably tight.

If you’d like the dress I’ll happily send it off to a new home!  Click through to bring up your mail client and email me, or dash off a note to!