Remember the Time I…

wore this last week?  Well, I wore it again with basically one modification.

Yeah, how original of me… copying myself!  I actually like the original better because of the necklace.  Unfortunately a necklace won’t work with this shirt, the top just ends up crumpled.  Also, these pants need to be hemmed right away.  Somehow during the course of the day they actually managed to end up under my 3.5 inch heels.  Not so good, but at least I noticed and didn’t wear a hole through the bottoms (I have been guilty of that on many occasions before– you’d think I’d learn!).

I have a bridal shower to attend tomorrow (for a wedding that I received a +1 invitation to… I’m old).  What should I wear?  I’m planning on being the Hipstamatic paparazzi there and I may even buy a new Hipstapak for the occasion.

Yeah, I’m that cool.


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    Haha, I thought this looked familiar! It’s still a winner in my book, though! I can’t believe the jeans are that long! That’s crazy. Very chic look!

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    I’m giggling as I read your post. Love the self deprecating humor. :O)

    What are the choices for the bridal shower? It’ll help to know what the options are!

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    Haha, sounds fun. I’m recovering from a bachelorette party in NYC at the moment, and I did take a few hipstamatic snaps- only one or two came out well though.

    I’ve totally riuined pants I was too lazy to hem. It happens, were lazy :)