Monochrome for FNO 2011

September 8, 2011

Glad I was wearing little wedges for FNO as I walked so much that night. Trying to get a cab was crazy and actually getting anywhere once in the cab was almost impossible. After 6:30pm I took the NQR and walked everywhere.

I feel like I have weird, slightly vacant looking expressions on my face in all the photos I took on Thursday. Probably the change of season making me feel kind of odd. You can actually see my dress this time, unlike last time. I thought I was way too overdressed for FNO… but by 6pm it got cool out so I wrapped a sweater over my dress. It’s Alexander Wang, which I think of as sporty and sort of androgynous, but always ends up looking more cocktail hour on me? Maybe it’s the hair. I planned for down and pin straight but the weather had other plans, became way more humid in the evening and my hair puffed up so I squashed it together and stuck some pins in it.

Want to see photos from the stores during FNO?

Guess where, or mouse over for the title tag!

No photos allowed at Burberry. Don’t you want us to share your brand? And huge line at YSL next door so I just looked through the windows.

We tried to go to Alex Wang but they closed the store at 10. SoHo Park for midnight dinner and then subway + walking adventures.


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    I really like it with the sweater–it’s got a fun texture but still looks like part of the whole thing. Also, LOVING the model standing up in the Tiffany picture.