Another Day in Monochrome

September 19, 2011

I meant to post this far earlier, but I suppose life got away from me. I’ve kind of been a bad blogger this week. I’ve got tons of blog reading to do too (don’t think I’ve forgotten about you).

This Alexander Wang dress is a fun piece, I’m sort of glad for the capsule wardrobe because I wore it more than I would have with my full wardrobe. I have my favorite American Apparel shirt over it. What do you think, better off the shoulder or on? I couldn’t decide.

I also have my Foley + Corinna bag and Cole Haan shoes again. So tired of these little wedges… I need more variety and so do my heels– blisters!

Other ways I’ve worn this dress:


  1. says

    I think I like off the shoulder because it accentuates the fact that you layered it rather than it being one solid mass of black.

    It’s true, if you didn’t HAVE to wear the dress, you probably wouldn’t. But you are happy that you are wearing it. I think I have a lot of pieces like that.