What I Wear to Take People’s Photos

13 August 2011

It’s true, I really am that ridiculous. Not the best choice of outfits for a photoshoot, but by now you should realize that I wouldn’t be wearing sweatpants. Even if I was rolling around in the grass to change my perspective and get some cool baby bump shots and eek I almost rolled right into rabbit poo (that’s okay, I guess it’s just clover after all…). I was wearing my lace edged slip anyway, you can see it peeking out a little.

The hat is the only really functional piece. Keeps the sun out of my eyes, especially when I’m placing a subject with her back to the sun.

I’m wearing my old Free People dress from spring 2009, Calypso for Target belt, J.Crew hat and ribbon tied around it, and Stuart Weitzman flatforms (on sale now!!).

Sun, Clouds, Rain

9 August 2011

Sometimes I think it’s going to be all sunny and wonderful even if there are supposed to be thunderstorms, so then I wear suede shoes and cream silk. Seriously, I was gearing up for a sunny day, the sun woke me up this morning rather than my phone. Luckily I managed to change out of the shoes and the cream silk is due for a cleaning anyway.

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And It Was All Yellow

I wore this out to dinner with my cousin to one of those farm-to-table restaurants. I had the best foie gras ever (including France) and my Bloody Mary-ish martini was so good. This dress was probably a poor choice for dinner– it’s not forgiving through the waist and I thought I was going to have to roll out of the restaurant after dinner. I used my turtle pin to hold the sash in place because it looks better with only one knot, although it always comes undone then.

My favorite way to carry a clutch is with the chain still attached. I just drape it over the top and carry as usual. I like the way the chain looks and I can still hang the bag on a chair at dinner instead of searching for place to put it or sticking it on the chair against my back.

Diane von Furstenberg dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag, old turtle pin.