Airy Cotton for Summer

This dress is definitely definitely completely see through. I thought I was getting by okay with a half slip, but I realized that in the sun the top is completely sheer as well. Ahhhhhhhhh. I guess I’ve only ever worn this dress on cloudy days. Hopefully it’s not also sheer under bright indoor lights…

J.Crew dress, LOFT belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Stuart Weitzman shoes.


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    I. Love. Your. Shoes. Seriously amazing. Steve Madden has some that are like that and that I’ve seen on a few other bloggers. Oh, and you definitely can’t tell your dress is sheer in the pictures (trying to give you some relief)!

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    Of course the $118 dress is completely see thought – you get what you pay for!!

    ($118 is just a random number I pulled out my head, but it sounds about right for a cotton dress from jcrew)

    Anyway, it’s pretty adorable.

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      Hahahaa I don’t know what the retail was but this dress was maybe $40 at most.  It’s from quite a long time ago when J.Crew used to have better sales.  Everything right now is crap, I was in two J.Crews this week :P