Golden Hair Surprise

8 June 2011

A little while ago I hosted a going away wine party for one of my friends. She moved away for a raise and a promotion (and a desk job, she’s very happy), but the rest of us are very sad because she’s now living in Omaha, and Omaha is far. Not in driving distance for a weekend. Le sigh. I told her maybe we should all do New Year’s Eve there as that’s the next available time we’re all likely to have enough time to be there and enjoy it. Dressing up for the party wasn’t required, but — as I’m sure you all know — I never miss an occasion to wear something more formal than daywear.

One of my friends recently told me she likes my looking-down photos (I once shot a few portraits of her in that style and she loved them), so that’s why I’ve been looking down lately. Not because I’m completely enthralled by my shoes, I swear.

Have you seen Academichic yet this week? I’ve decided to participate in Dress Your Best! Check out the challenge… and maybe join us?

Bamali dress, random bracelets, Nine West shoes.

And I found out today that these shoes don’t cut it walking a mile in New York. Sad. I do have a new pair to test tomorrow though!


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    I absolutely love your dress and shoes!  That shade of blue is a good color for you. How unfortunate that they aren’t comfy to walk in for long periods of time.  I have shoes like that that I can’t bare to part with but can only wear if I’m doing a lot of sitting : )