Dress Your Best Week: Two More Things

I’m also celebrating my freckles for Dress Your Best Week. I’m never able to capture them on camera, but believe me, they’re definitely there! Most freckles show up on my face, with a scattering on my arms and legs. I know they indicate sun damage but I happen to really like them. Although they’re not extremely noticeable, they’re distinctive and very unusual among people of Asian descent. Out of all my Asian friends I’m the only one with freckles!

And I’m featuring my little flamingo ankles. They look delicate but are strong from years of athleticism. And I have no trouble fitting into ankle-wrap style shoes either! I guess this is a pretty shallow reason to like my ankles, but they really are a favorite part.

J.Crew shirt and sash, Anthropologie skirt, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Rebecca Minkoff bag.


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    That skirt! Oh my goodness that skirt. Anthropologie, why do you have to break my heart?

    I like what you’ve chosen as your last two DYB things. Freckles are SUPER AWESOME (and I don’t just say that because I freckle too), and your ankles are great. Due to lack of exercise and genetics (my great-grandma used to tell my mom when she was a kid that she had calves like a Roman soldier), I have some pretty serious cankles going on. I try to embrace my legs simply because they get me where I’m going, but I do sigh in envy a little bit whenever I see nice ankles and legs like yours.

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    High five for the freckle love! I’m right there with you- I think they are the cutest things.

    Psh, I think in terms of one’s body, there is no too shallow reason to like a part. :)

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    I like seeing this skirt in better detail – the design really is so pretty!.

    And you are right about your ankles, I tried on a pair of sandals like that and had to buckle them in the biggest slot. but they were jessica simpson and crazy uncomfortable.

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      Oh man, I had to walk away from the prettiest skirt at F21 today… it was
      cream on cream embroidered with daisies, but it was totally sheer even with
      the lining and the fit was really bad. But still, so sad!

      It’s such a dumb reason for liking my ankles. Useful sometimes though. I’ve
      heard that the Steve Madden ones are better than the Jessica Simpson ones.
      And I saw a bunch at Marshalls and DSW last week!

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        Bummer. Sometimes I think it’s best to just avoid F21. it’s quite
        often a store full of heart break.
        I did see the green steve maddens at the maxx, but none in my size :/