Dress Your Best Week: Things I Like Most

You may remember that I posted last week about participating in Academichic’s Dress Your Best Week. If you’ve read my Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post about body image, you know that I don’t have really positive body image and I will probably struggle with it for my entire life. I did ballet from a very early age– that’s probably enough information for you to understand.

So it’s taken me a while to get myself together and list five body parts I love. My immediate reaction after signing on to Dress Your Best Week was: do I even have five body parts I love? So I thought about it, and then I thought some more.

Today I’m celebrating my rib cage. I know, what a super weird thing to like, right? But it really is one of my favorite body parts. I like that my rib cage narrows at a strong angle (you can see it more clearly here). I have a really blocky, athletic body type without much of a defined waist so I really like the slight bit of curve to my rib cage.

I’m also celebrating my hands. I’m actually the hand model for the engagement ring collection at the company I intern for (yeah go ahead, insert Zoolander/Seinfeld reference). When I was younger, my long fingers helped me reach keys on the piano. These days my hands’ even proportions help me wear the giant rings I love so much. But instead of wearing large, attention-grabbing rings for these photos, I decided to let my hands just be themselves for the day.

Last on my list for this post is my hair. It’s wild-looking in these photos because I sort of let it go. I used my regular Living Proof for curls treatment and a little bit of hairdryer, but no curling iron or anything else to make it a little less unruly. My hair has been this way forever, although the curl does seem to have tightened up a little as I’ve gotten older– it used to be puffy little waves and I had my hair permed twice when I was younger to define the curl. I even had my hair permanently straightened in Japan once. It was really nice but took forever to grow out, and I found that after a while I missed the curl.

That’s it for this post, tomorrow I’m posting about the other two things on my list!

P.S. If you’ve made it this far… is the bigger font size easier on the eyes? I have to fix the proportions a little because they’re in percentages, but the post body text is way easier to read now, right?

Free People dress, J.Crew ribbon belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Seychelles sandals.


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    This is a great post. I had no idea you were a hand model; that is really cool! And you play piano! How long did you play for? I play piano, too, but I have really stubby fingers. :D

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    I’m glad you’re participating in DYB–I know for me, stopping to think about what I love about my body was a really good and healthy experience, instead of poking and prodding the parts that I don’t like. This outfit is super cute (I love that little dress), and the way you’ve highlighted three parts of yourself is great. :)

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    Yay, keep celebrating the things about you that you love!  I love the second photo where it’s like you’re saying, “Here I am!” :)  Also, the bigger text is very easy to read :)

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    Yes to dressing your best! It is really hard to talk about the parts of you that you like – we always immediately go to the negative.
    I too like my narrow rib cage, occasionally wild hair, and a part of my hands. I don’t care for my fingers because they are short and chubby, but I love my finger nails, they grow and grow and always look so nice when I get a manicure.