Between Storms

After a night and day of thunderstorms (I was up all night and asleep in my coffee yesterday morning), the sun came out for five minutes and made weird shadows on my face. I ran out and took these photos between thunderstorms. It got really dark and started raining again in the middle of my photoshoot. And then I ran inside with my camera.

I put my hair up for the first time in a while. I don’t really like to wear it back because it takes a long time to do, but it was a huge frizzy mess from the humidity.

Happy Independence Day, U.S. friends!

Banana Republic shirt, Forever21 bra, Joe’s Jeans shorts, Nine West sandals.


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    I love seeing summer outfits like this; simple, but still put-together looking. :) Maybe because I always feel like such a mess in the 98+ heat that I can barely get myself together to get dressed at all. Also, your hair up looks so classy!

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    We never got full on storms, and we also never got full on sun. My photos from yesterday are kinda cruddy, and I can never seem to get the exposure correct on a rainy day.

    Hedges must be liking all the rain :)

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      Yeah seriously those hedges are out of control.  These are actually from the 3rd but my photos from the 4th are terrible and I only sort of fixed them. It was cloudy yesterday and the white balance on the photos is so bad I couldn’t correct it no matter what I did.