Back to the Beginning

24 Feb 2011

I feel as if these photos are particularly timely today after Jessica of What I Wore’s post yesterday on “flattering” and the pressure to dress to impress (the comments on that post are great).  I still post photos that I’m not too happy with and outfits I don’t think are anything particularly great because let’s be honest, I am not a fashion magazine editor.  And that’s not what this blog is about, although that doesn’t mean I can’t love what Kate Lanphear and Anna Dello Russo wear.

This outfit is typical of days when I don’t do a lot of styling or am seeking something comfortable and unfussy.  Nothing really special or fashion-forward (I think I’m still a bit of a minimalist at heart).  I started this blog on outfits that look a lot like this one:  little dresses with belts and (usually) tights in a different color.  I’ve managed a lot of evolution since then but I think sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get back to your roots.

Forever 21 dress, J.Crew girls sash, Commando tights, Cole Haan shoes.