Last of Summer: Bohemian…ish

8.31.10 ~ Tuesday ~ Goodbye August

Does my hair look softer?  I tried.  The very straight look I’ve been sporting lately just doesn’t go very well with this dress and makes me wish for my usual slightly longer, curly hair.  I haven’t worn this dress as much as in summer past because, yes, I don’t think my hair goes with it.  Also, I always have a problem deciding on shoes!  I have very minimalist gold leather sandals that go well with this.  But they are flats.  And I think we all know how I feel about flats.  For traveling only, and then only when absolutely necessary.  So I just can’t wear them casually during the day.  Can’t.  

Juicy Couture dress, Steve Madden wedges.  

Last of Summer: Pink Dress

8.30.10 ~ Monday

I tend to wear this dress frequently throughout the summer but I’ve never posted a photo — it tends to photograph very poorly, either overexposed or much too dark.  As you can see in the photos there is a huge discrepancy in color and the dress does not look like either of the photos anyway…  

This is the lightest piece of clothing I own and it’s reserved pretty much exclusively for days in excess of 95 degrees.  Which we’ve been having since Sunday.  Promise I haven’t been living in this dress all week (eeeew).  Are you tired of this belt yet?  This weekend I’m planning to look for a few new ones for fall!  

J. Crew dress, Charlotte Russe belt, Steve Madden sandals.  

Grey Flowers

8.26.10 ~ Thursday

I haven’t worn this shirt in a long time.  Actually, it’s more of a tunic and the bottom is very floaty but it’s under the skirt kind of acting like a slip!  

Short blogs this week.  I just don’t have much to say.  Maybe it’s the 95+ heat all week… it’s slowly melting my brain! 

Anthropologie shirt, J. Crew skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Sofft platforms.  

Twirl! (Blue Dress Again)

8.21.10 ~ Saturday (so behind)

I wore this to my friend’s bridal shower last week, she’s the first of my friends in the very immediate age group to marry.  Oh I’m getting older… 

Bamali dress, Sofft wedges.  

The Last Summer Sundress

8.19.2010 ~ Thursday

I recently ordered this dress from Rue La La ($25, Sunday Night Styleathons are seriously good).  It’s getting to be the end of summer and I wasn’t sure if I should get it but I think I might be able to wear it into fall with dark tights to anchor it, maybe grey or burgundy?  And maybe a cozy sweater too?  But for now it’s styled up with some espadrilles and my favorite belt from Charlotte Russe.  This is actually only the second time I’ve worn these espadrilles this season.  I forgot how stable they are and I should really wear them more often, I just wish they didn’t cut me off at the ankle so arrestingly.  The ties look so pale against my skin right now!  

I forgot to photograph the back!  Oh well, next time!  

Free People dress, Charlotte Russe belt, Payless espadrilles.  

Slightly Tough Polka Dots

8.18.10 ~ Wednesday

I totally forgot how much I love headbands and hair accessories until last Wednesday when my hair was just a mess!  I was frantically spraying, back combing, and generally flinging it around until I spied my J. Crew headband collection (only one headband I own is not from J. Crew… and it’s from Banana Republic).  Saved!  I haven’t worn hair accessories a lot since I was in college and let my hair go curly much more often.  Headbands were quick and easy curl tamers back then!  

Also, my seasonal allergies are terrible right now — that’s why my eyes actually look like two pieces of coal!  Hope I’m not freaking you out with my scary black eyes!  

Banana Republic shirt, Emmelee for Francesca’s Collections skirt, Forever 21 belt, Anne Klein shoes, J. Crew headband.  

Summer Plaid

8.17.2010 ~ Tuesday

I must be thinking about fall a lot lately because I really, really wanted to wear this plaid shirt despite the 80+ degree weather!  But I’m still enjoying the remaining days of summer.  I’ve been doing a lot of repeats lately and enjoying what are going to be the last days for many of my sundresses!  

Shirt is from JCPenney juniors (label not memorable), Charlotte Russe shorts, Sofft shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.  

Music Festival Two

8.15.2010 ~ Sunday

To the music festival again, and it rained all day so everything was a huge mudslide!  I don’t know what the people wearing flip flops did and now I understand why Hunter boots show up at Coachella and such all the time.  It was so humid that I actually felt overheated in this outfit but I don’t know what else I could have done.  I think it was just one of those days and it was going to feel sticky and airless no matter what!  

LOFT embellished tee, J. Crew skirt, Target belt, Mossimo for Target boots.  

Music Festival

8.11.2010 ~ Wednesday

Yes, I’m ridiculous, this is my idea of what to wear to a music festival.  I was both reasonably cool and comfortable in the intense night time humidity. I consider it a resounding success, especially as I was at least wearing a shirt (some people were not).

Also, does anyone know… are gladiators on their way out?  I haven’t worn these shoes all summer because I’ve been over them for a while although I’m still seeing them in stores.  

Anthropologie shirt, LOFT skirt, Clarks sandals (Japan, they sell much better ones there! i.e. I would love to have these clogs for walking shoes but they’re UK/Japan, not available in the US of course), LV pochette.  

P.S. Okay tumblr, why won’t the html to remove the image border work?  In fact, why does it not even save?  Grrrr…

Faking Lace

8.10.2010 ~ Tuesday 

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s black and white week here at alex elizabeth.  I just got up one day and decided to filter my photos in black and white… and maybe one in color!  I’m on some kind of fun with filters kick because I’ve been playing around with Poladriod too — that’s up next!  

This is another resurrected look (from January 28, 2010 in fact) and my photos still generally look the same… well, maybe there’s been a slight improvement.  I’ve been shopping for a new camera for a while but I think I’m going to have to find a camera store and fiddle with them in person.  My father just got a new camera and I do not like it — too cumbersome — so since I want a giant DSLR it would probably be better that I go and actually look at some cameras not on a computer screen.  I’ll be missing my touch screen, I don’t think DSLRs have them.  I literally don’t know what to do with buttons on a camera any more, they just confuse me and I keep pushing the screen!  I guess people feel the same way about my camera though, it freaks people out because it doesn’t have buttons!  

Rodarte for Target dress, Forever 21 belt, Sofft platforms.