Looking a Little Chromatic Aberrated

Friday 14 Jan 2011

Dear Friends,

Next time I’ll correct the photos, I promise.  But this time I didn’t because the chromatic aberration (pinkish hair in the first photo) matches my shirt and I rather like it.  Sometimes I do casual Friday kinds of looks.  And most of times I wear pants are on Fridays.  Okay, so I’m only calling this casual because I’m wearing a plaid shirt and flat boots.

I bought this shirt on super clearance more than a year ago from the juniors section of JC Penney, I think it’s like an XXL or something.  I love its loose, longer fit and I’ve been trying to find more shirts just like it!  (No luck so far.)  When I bought it I never thought I would get so much wear out of it, but it’s actually become one of my favorite pieces.

I replaced the usual belt with my often-seen LOFT double wrap belt for something different.  Out of curiosity, does anyone have Commando tights?  I’m still on the search for truly opaque ones and I’ve heard Commando are the absolute best aside from Wolford, but Wolford are soooo expensive.

Love, Alex

JC Penney juniors shirt, BDG/Urban Outfitters skirt, LOFT belt, Assets tights, Target boots.

Laces Laces

Worn on Saturday 13 Nov 2010

Thoughts: Forgive me, friends, I’m so behind on almost all blogs.  And on posts.  And comments.  Again.  I’ve been asleep in a room with thermal drapes/reading actual books (made of paper!)/listening to Enya since Friday.  I’ve been afflicted with a migraine (the worst I’ve ever had) and treating with Excedrin, espresso, chocolate, and low light.  I believe I’m past the worst of it now though.  

So, just a quick post with my new boots.  They’re actually almost flat (maybe a one inch heel) and I’m actually wearing them!  

American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, BDG (Urban Outfitters) skirt, scarf from the art museum in Charleston, LOFT belt, Assets tights, Jeffrey Campbell boots.  

Sitting in the Yellow Leaves

10.28.10 – Thursday

Finally!  This is where the new header came from.  I think I’m going to keep it… until it’s winter, then I’ll make a new one.  Anyway.  Recently — okay not that recently, I’m totally behind with this post, Terra (Stylish White Femaleblogged about vegetarianism and faux fur and Kendra (Closet Confectionsscored an amazing faux shearling jacket.  And I might have seen some other posts about fur but I can’t remember.  So I thought… it’s really past time that I think about wearing fur/shearling/leather.  And I have no idea how I feel about cruelty to silkworms.  I really enjoy my silk pieces. 

I actually own… not a lot of fur, but more than you would probably expect, considering its cost.  I own: 

  • magenta rabbit scarf (not kidding), gift
  • black puffer with coyote ruff, gift
  • pink woven rabbit scarf, purchased in fall 2007 from a local boutique that went out of business last year
  • black rabbit scarf, a gift  

I’m fairly certain that’s everything.  And I gave away the magenta scarf last year.  It didn’t really go with any of my coats and it wasn’t the type of scarf that you could just throw on with a sweater.  

So…. about fur I already own… the animal is already dead, I may as well honor it by wearing the scarf/coat/whatever and thanking it for keeping me warm.  And I would probably buy vintage fur as well (same idea, it was killed a long time ago) but I would never buy new fur.  I wouldn’t care if someone else bought new fur, but I feel… it’s too unethical (I can’t believe I just said that) and I wouldn’t be able to wear it without feeling sad.  Something that probably no one on the interwebs knows about me is that I was a vegetarian for almost a year in college, and vegan for about a month and a half.  I have two digestive disorders meaning (1) I cannot eat anything and (2) I cannot eat anything.  I am not supposed to eat a huge list of things (although sometimes I do anyway).  And when I say not supposed to eat I mean I’ve had gastrointestinal bleeding kinds of not supposed to eat.  The list includes about 97% of vegetables… so you can guess how that didn’t quite work out for me.  I dropped to 0/2 from 4/6, was dizzy and falling asleep all the time…   And I really like vegetables.  All I really want to do is eat a spinach salad.  



I own a lot of leather.  

…thoughts for another day.