I Think It’s The Shoes

20 Feb 2011

So I don’t totally love this outfit…  I think it’s the shoes.  I expected them to blend in with the navy tights (worn with the help of Spanx) a little bit more, but… they didn’t.  I should have probably dug up some brown sandals or something, no matter if they would have been slightly ridiculous with snow still on the ground.

I wore this to go do some general running around.  And then I just suddenly happened to be in the Coach store.  I did receive a really good discount from them in the mail ($100 off $300 or more) so I just wanted to look around and see the spring collection.  They pressure you a lot to buy things though, and that really makes me not want to go to the store.  I was also so surprised that no one in the store could recognize a vintage Coach bag.  I guess Coach has changed a lot since I was younger and they’ve done a lot of rebranding.  I think they’re losing touch with their classic look… which makes me sad.

Change in seasons has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses so I have such dark undereye circles now, I didn’t walk into a wall or something.  But I’m enjoying the clear sidewalks for the first time in a long time and I hope you are too!

J.Crew cardigan, shirt, and skirt; Anthropologie belt, Merona Premium Collection/Target tights, Frye shoes, vintage Coach bag.


  1. says

    Oh, I think this is really cute. I love the pleating on the top and floral skirt and little bow belt. (what can’t a bow belt make adorable?)
    Did they really not recognize it, like someone said, “oh nice vintage bag, where’s it from?”

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      I agree! Feeling less than adorable? Grab a bow belt (or just a bow in general)! No they didn’t do that at Coach… but they did look right at it, ask if I was a small bag kind of person, and not say anything about it!

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    They didn’t recognize your bag?? Says a lot about how familiar they are with their own brand! I love Coach though, especially their leather jackets which I can’t afford, but well..it’s nice to just look a them :))
    Anyways, your skirt is beautiful! And I like the look with those shoes. But it happens to me too that people like my outfit and I just find it ok(ish).

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      Glad you like it even with the shoes! I don’t know, I just don’t… I really know what you mean though, sometimes people love looks that I just feel kind of ehhh about. Coach leather jackets are really nice! But yeah they’re so expensive now, it didn’t always used to be like that! They were more reasonably priced before they rebranded.