Sunglasses Headband

Sometimes I forget my sunglasses on my head, and then I’m like: where are they, where did they go?


I have them.

This is a new look for my leather skirt. I was trying to come up with new ways to wear it and eventually just decided on leaving my cardigan thing open over it. Has kind of a layered look. Also thought the belt was a good idea, but over the leather skirt it ended up being too much bulk and I lost it at the first opportunity. Maybe a skinny belt or sash would have been better? I like the way it looks in photos but it was just too uncomfortable.

Happy fall, everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. So far I’ve been having an awesomely lazy weekend…

Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, ZARA shirt, Gap skirt (possibly vintage), Forever 21 belt, Legale fleece-lined over-the-knees, Cole Haan ballets.

The Cove

Well look what I found during my recent journeys around New York.

All this time, and I had no idea Stuyvesant Cove Park was such a nice place to go.

There are even some well-cared for gardens. Berries on the bushes are one of the only visible signs that it’s fall in New York.

And there’s even a tiny beach. I would have gone down, but I don’t think I would have been able to get back up. One must leap the fence.

Gap blazer, H&M dress, LOFT belt, MIA ( shoes, Longchamp bag.

Velvet and Bows

October 3, 2011

Another monochromatic look for your perusal. This is clearly not today, because today was a balmy 72 earlier in the afternoon. When I wore this it didn’t even break 60 and I wanted so badly to not wear tights that I got out my over the knee boots.

I was just admiring the pretty leaves on Caitlin’s blog Re-Mix-Her. We don’t have any yet, probably because it’s been so warm. That’s nice but the leaves are falling without changing colors! Hopefully I can get to Central Park when they’ve turned and are not yet all over the ground. I think I have to actually request a permit too, so if anyone else wants their outfit photos done in Central Park I’ll take them. Might as well get use out of the permit and dragging the tripod around.

I’m attending a TJX event tomorrow at the store on 6th Ave. Lydia will be there too. Let me know if you’re going!

Swapped Stripes and Leather

September 20, 2011

Okay, so… the topstitching on my jacket is definitely coming out at the bottom. I have to find someone to fix it. I confess I don’t even remember what I was doing on this day because it was so long ago. I need to load photos in a more timely manner than I have been for the past month. What happened to the weekend, for serious… it’s Sunday? And for that matter what happened to September too. October really crept up on me.

Wearing my Ellen Tracy rain coat, Xhilaration/Target striped shirt from the ModSwap, Gap leather skirt, French Sole flats, and bag I can’t remember the name of stolen from my roommate.

When Lydia Came to Visit

I’m interrupting my usually chronological photos because Lydia’s are already up. And if I post them in order it’ll be next week and I’ll feel like an idiot. Lydia’s write up is much better, and you should look at some of the photos she captured with her wide angle lens!

(Stolen from Lydia.)

Last week Lydia came to New York! We did lots of fun and mostly non-touristy things (I put my foot down at Times Square with a tripod on a Friday night. Just. No.).

Lydia zeroed in on my manicure. I’m starting a new trend. Really.

We went to Central Park because Lydia had never been, and wonder of wonders: I managed not to get us lost. But we didn’t venture any farther uptown than Le Pain Quotidien. Otherwise getting lost would have been a very real possibility because I have no idea where any of those walkways go as soon as they’re past Le Pain.

(Also stolen from Lydia.)

Then we ventured downtown for some shopping, etc. and then we met Nnenna and ate lots of pho!

Saturday Brunch

September 10, 2011

On Saturday (as in last week, sorry, I know) I went to meet my friend Devon, who just graduated from law school and is working in New York now. She snapped a photo of me near Stuyvesant Square and I took this photo of her in Gramercy.

We went to petite abeille and had good things to eat.

We walked by Kate Spade and went to Ann Taylor for the awesome sale (and she had a gift card!!).

Later at night I went to my friend’s apartment and we took some fun photos on her roof.

The Strand and The Cooper

August 7, 2011

Thanks Nnenna for taking my pictures! It was a dark and stormy night, so unfortunately hardly any of my photos from StrandedBlogger came out. All the photos of Nnenna and me were a total fail. I did get one good one of Katy but that’s basically it, even my outfit photos are so dark and blurry. I was way too busy chatting with bloggers to pay attention to my camera anyway!

Some of the bloggers I met are A La Mode et Plus, Feed My Sole, Oh to be a Muse, One Woman’s Style Evolution, Radiant Brown Beauty, and The Well-Appointed Catwalk.

The Top of the Strand is actually very small and intimate for a rooftop bar. The only odd thing is that if you open a tab at the bar they automatically add 18% gratuity. We had a great time, though, and I hope to meet up with these bloggers again soon!

Friends Under the Trees

I got another friend into photos with me! And we did typically silly things like staring up at the trees. She doesn’t have a blog or a twitter, but she does have two playful dogs.

Carrying my old Foley + Corinna again. I forgot how much this bag holds (currently my MacBook Air) and how useful it is. This is the first time I’ve worn my new(ish) leather skirt from Tokyo Joe, a really good consignment store in the East Village. It’s from Gap and judging by the quality and style I’d say it’s not recent, maybe from the early 2000s? Maybe earlier. I really forgot how unforgiving leather is… one large meal later and I feel like I can’t breathe.

I’m excited for Stranded Blogger on Wednesday (except it’s supposed to pour, oh no!). If you’re going and I don’t already know, please tell me!

Almost Too Dark

My dear friends,

I almost didn’t get photos of the outfit I wore to the dinner party because it was going on six o’clock when I finished dressing.  The exposure value is pushed all the way up and the flash is on as well in these photos.  So the color/lighting is a little odd- the farther I stand from the camera the more the photos look darker and less focused (sorry).  I shot this look before a long time ago but forgot about it, I skipped photos because I was so behind.  I didn’t wear it anywhere good anyway, so definitely no harm in repeating!  I do occasionally repeat entire outfits that I’m really fond of.

The dinner party was excellent!  Dinner parties at that household are never to be missed.  If you’re out of state then come back, seriously.  I ate so much.  I never can say no to corned beef and the home made banana chocolate cake with icing made entirely out of chocolate.  I can hardly ever eat cake any more due to too much milk in the icing so of course I ate two pieces (they were thin, I swear)!



Gap blazer, scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), J.Crew cardigan and belt (not pictured), H&M dress, Forever 21 velvet leggings, Frye boots.