Hello, My Name is Zelda

Happy Halloween! I intended on being a flapper or a witch… and ended up with Zelda Fitzgerald. I do wish I had photos that were a bit clearer because this is definitely a favorite costume, but we were kind of having this little problem over the weekend.

…so that was a no on photos outside. Although I would have braved it if not for the wind. I’ve had the tripod blown over before and my 35mm lens has the scars to prove it.

I didn’t really have any adornment for my hair so I put a necklace in it, an idea I got from The Vintage Valley.

I’m very glad I had an apartment party to attend. Changed my boots for heels when I got there. The pile of snow gear in the corner kept growing as more guests arrived.

Everything for this costume came out of my closet… so does that make it a costume or some craziness I would normally wear? I should wear it to the speakeasy one night.

Donna Morgan dress (gift), scarf from Turkey (gift from cousin), Seychelles shoes, Talbots glass pearls, necklace from Brooklyn Flea (in hair), bracelet from India (gift from friends). And Target boots in the corner for the snow.


  1. says

    Oh hello Zelda, you’re looking lovely tonight!  Love that everything came from your closet and such a genius idea to use your necklace as a hair adornment :)  I’m afraid of those snowy pictures, so glad I was warm and cozy inside that day :O

    • says

      So lucky you were spared! So many trees came down that Central Park looks like a crime scene, tape everywhere. And we didn’t even get much snow, my parents’ in Pennsylvania had far more. There must be so much more damage there. 

  2. Lyddiegal says

    you have that feathered awesomeness in your closet?? awesome.
    I’d love to go to a speakeasy with you. we should do it. (in costume, obviously.)