Swish Swish

7 June 2011

I am really extremely behind in photos, so much so that I stopped dating them for a while… but I decided to plop the date back in. Ehhh… well… the blog theme is like receiving late letters. I definitely want to do more with that, too, I have a lot of ideas but no time for implementation. There are some things I’ve been wanting to do with the blog since January and hopefully I’ll get to do them this summer!

I got this dress at Forever 21 on 34th St. The line for the fitting rooms was so so long that I took a leap of faith and bought it without trying it on. Fingers definitely crossed when I finally tried it on– I usually size up to L in juniors. It’s a little bit small through the chest and shoulder, but it was the very last dress available in this style. And I was determined to have it.

I wore this swishy dress on a clothes and wine shopping trip with my friend. She got a pretty blue dress from LOFT and we both got several bottles of wine (hosting a going away party for our friend we met in middle school).

I hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday is off to an excellent start!

Forever 21 dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag (available in pink) , Seychelles shoes, J.Crew bangles, ken + dana ring.


  1. says

    I hate shopping in F21 for that reason, most things don’t go bigger than a large, it’s rare that you can even find the same item in more than one size, and forget about ever returning it if you buy it and realize you can’t make it work.

    BUT it is a cute dress, and I completely understand the “I’m buying this and so help me it is going to fit” mentality.

    • says

      I was in F21 today again and there’s nothing good right now.  If it’s possible everything’s gotten even cheaper feeling.  Yes, so help me this dress is going to fit this summer… even if I have to lose ten pounds (I’m hoping to do that anyway)!