On the Street

I do not know how New York bloggers get any good photos in the city– there are always people walking by, it gets really windy, and I always feel like I’m being watched.  This outfit isn’t something you haven’t seen at least twice before, the only reason I photographed it really is for practice… I’m trying to get more comfortable snapping photos on the street.  I’m really not good at it so hopefully I’ll eventually get better.  I don’t know how anyone in New York has time for photos either.  After a day of running around all I want is a cocktail and a few light appetizers!


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    Hahaha, I loved the comment about getting pics in the city. I always feel soo self-conscious about it, but I kind of figure I’ll never see the people again, so it’s not a big deal. What brand/color is your nail polish? I love it!

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      It’s Chanel but I don’t know the color… I was lucky enough to score a $10 manicure at a spa in SoHo!  I wasn’t too impressed with the polish though, it discolored really badly near the tips after only a day or two.   

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    it is tough trying to take photos when there are people watching. so annoying! especially if they try to talk to you, that is the worst.

    ah well, did you know those shoes are on sale at anthro right now?

    but only in tan
    and supposedly there is an extra 25% off sale items?