Sometimes I Carry a Parasol


If Wednesday Addams had a sundress I think it would look like this. One year for Halloween I was Morticia Addams and my grand aunt sewed me a fabulous black dress with long, trailing sleeves and a mermaidish bottom. Wish it still fit, but I was eight or nine at the time. Now that I think of it, I guess I’ve always been a little bit dark with my clothing choices.

I got this parasol when I was sixteen on my first student exchange visit to Japan. It was late July/early August and hotter and more humid than anywhere I’d ever been. I bought anything that might have the ability to keep me cool, including multiple fans to match different outfits. One of my chaperone/interpreters carried this neo-Victorian black parasol with a curved wooden handle that I really admired. It was very stylish and she had a black lace fan, too.

I always get nostalgic about being in Japan around this time of year. And let’s face it, any time there’s a major cultural holiday in Japan. I wish I could travel more but Asia is just so far and so expensive. I have to start carving out a place in the budget for travel funds.

…maybe after I find a paying job.

Forever 21 dress and belt, Seychelles shoes, parasol from Japan.


  1. Beatriz Craven says

    Love this outfit! It cinches at the waist beautifully. Hope you get to visit soon. I hate it when the only thing that keeps me from fabulous visits overseas to be with family is money. Ick.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.


    That Girl in

  2. says

    The way the stripes meet on the bodice is amaaaaazing.

    Travel can be a hard thing to wrangle. I love exploring, but I’m always nervous about looking like a jerk tourist to the locals! Japan is definitely one of my dream places to visit, though, especially if I can go along with a friend who actually, you know, speaks Japanese.

  3. says

    …and once you get the full time paying job it will be hard to get the time off the travel!
    what a world.

    It’s a world that could always use more cute striped dresses though. I do love this one.