Ann Taylor Pre-Fall

Hi guys, hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

Usually I don’t direct traffic from this blog to my tumblr, but I visited Ann Taylor the other day to have a look at the pre-fall collection. Yes, there was definitely a sleeveless trench coat involved. I posted the photos on alex elizabeth, as is my habit with most of my shopping photos.

And if you’re very curious, click a few pages back and you’ll even find photos of J.Crew and Tory Burch East Hampton.






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    My friend bought that orange zipper skirt! Of course, she works at LOFT, so she got a 50% discount at the Ann Taylor store, which made the skirt way more affordable. You should definitely pair that skirt with that sleeveless trench with a navy breton striped tee.

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      For serious, 50% is way better than 30! I didn’t actually buy anything at Friends and Family, the sales associates kept pushing more stuff on me and I’m hoping for a better sale later in the season… maybe once actual fall collections come out?

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    The sleeveless trench is one of those cool items that I feel like I could make work weather-wise for exactly two days a year.
    Maybe I’m not thinking creatively enough, but I think I like my outerwear to be more straight forward.

    Otherwise – love the zippered pencil skirt and the crew leopard button down.

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      Yeah I really like the idea of a sleeveless trench, but I realized that even in the winter I tend to wear sleeveless things or short sleeves. Mostly without sweaters. So I don’t think that would work out so well for me. With the Friends and Family discount it was only $150 though, but aggg it seems too much for a piece that I realistically won’t get too much wear out of. Especially with the general lack of transition seasons in the northeast these days.