Flowers for Fall

October 7, 2011

Sorry for going dark here since Monday. I feel like every electronic thing I own has broken or needed repairs lately. Just got a new battery for my Mac today, thankfully it’s still under warranty. I updated Aperture 3 (my image editing software) and it doesn’t work very well any more so my photos have been languishing on the hard drive. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you know that something’s up with my iPhone.

Is Mercury in retrograde right now? For serious, I don’t know what is going on.

Wearing my new-to-me Velvet wrap (swapped with Lydia), Free People dress, MIA ankle boots, Foley + Corinna bag, and ken + dana ring.


  1. Lyddiegal says

    It’s strange how it seems one day everything is going along perfectly, and then a few seemingly small things change and the whole world seems out of whack.

    Love the top on you, glad its getting some love after so much neglect.

  2. says

    oh man, my iPhone has been awful lately!  i think it’s feeling threatened by the looming upgrade.  seriously, if it doesn’t do maps or word games it’s time for it to go!  

    anyway, i’m am loving the girly skirt with black boots here!

  3. Kim A. says

    Hey Alex, when it rains it pours! I think they all group together, have a pow wow and decide they’re going to break down. I understand your frustration. It will all work out though. It always does. But its so frustrating! On another note, I love your outfit. I’m so glad people are incorporating flowers into their fall wardrobe. It’s a misconception that it’s only for spring/summer. And I love the burgundy wine color. It’s always pretty and so are you! Have a great evening!

  4. says

    This outfit is amazing. I LOVE the dress! I picked up a really long Free People sweater at Nordstrom Rack recently that I’ve been dying to wear. I should break it out sometime this week… =)

  5. says

    Ouch. Electronic rebellion is the worst. My Macbook is a hand-me-down from my boyfriend, and it has an alarming tendency to get wayyyy hotter than even Macbooks should get and then shut off if not connected to the power supply.

    The wine color of that wrap is gorgeous, and goes so well with the dress.

    • says

      Mine is significantly (like 60 degrees) cooler now that my battery has been changed, so I’m glad I didn’t put it off taking it in for too long. I love my Apple products… why do they all hate me?