The Last of the Snow is Behind Me… I Hope

26 March 2011

As of Saturday there was still snow on the ground.  It’s gone now though, but still.  Gah.  Despite how lovely and sunny and springy the first photo looks it was actually cold enough for gloves and way too cold to be in summer weight fabrics with cap sleeves.

Practical dressing is really not my strong suit.

These are my new jeans, they’re what I was braving the ice rain for in SoHo last week (they were on sale, I had to go- $15 off!).  They’re the new(ish) Levi’s Curve ID and the fit is a lot better than I expected, almost perfect for me.  They’ve stretched out more than I hoped for though so I might buy the next size down as well for a slimmer fit.  Designer denim is apparently just a huge waste of money for me, if you want any of it let me know, I’ll be purging most of my collection this weekend.

So excited to be wearing heels again that I’ve been wearing these boots nonstop.  My feet were hurting a bit today and I took the Dr. Scholls foam insoles out… somehow they’re much more comfortable without them?


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    I think the problem with insoles is that they make the inside of the shoe smaller. So if there isn’t any extra room to start with, everything is just too tight.
    I’ve been wearing pretend it’s spring clothes too. And then whining about how cold I am.

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      Yeah I thought I had plenty of room in these but I guess not. I have little arch support things in now so they’re better… but still not ideal. The balance isn’t really good in these. I just want to wear some sandals! I ordered some from Nine West and at this rate it will be July before I can wear them :(

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    That shirt is so adorable! I don’t blame you for wearing it amidst the cold; it was definitely worth it.

    I hate it when jeans do that! My jeggings are notorious for becoming looser and looser the more I wear them, which means they spend even more time in the dryer to shrink them up a little.

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      I was definitely FREEZING, like I could have worn gloves and it would have been fine, haha. My jeggings are always squeeze-me-to-death tight for the first wear, then falling off the next. But I think this basically happens to everyone :P