Dreams That You Dream Of

I’ve found myself with writer’s block all week.  Not sure why, I suppose I’ve just been lacking writing inspiration.  Either that or I’ve been writing way too much professionally in the past few weeks and have reached my acceptably decent writing limit.

Wore this sometime last week on a day that wasn’t too warm.  Luckily I had the in-between winter/spring coat to wear.  This week the weather’s been quite nice, I spent some time in the park today taking photos of flowers with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app… and then I happened to look to my right and notice a suit doing the same thing with his BlackBerry, haha.  The flowers look super nice for just having popped up suddenly so I suspect some landscapers may have had something to do with that!


  1. says

    I do love hipstamatic. Sometimes the “goodness” of the photo is based more on the randomness of the effects than what you’ve done as a photographer, but we all need to feel like accidental brilliant artists once in a while.

    I’m happy about the turn in the weather and the appearance of flowers, even though Its raining today, it’s still pretty warm.