Things I Will Never Do Again

Worn on Tuesday 16 Nov 2010

Thoughts:  It was definitely a day for learning what things I should never do again:)  I will never take photos in the rain without an umbrella again.  My hair was soaked and curling within minutes, and my camera was rather waterlogged as well.  Next time I’ll cover it with plastic or something, I was terribly afraid for it but it’s perfectly fine, they really do stand up to a bit (or more) of rain.  I will also never wear a silk shirt with an elasticized belt again, the belt creeps up within a minute after righting it.  And creates odd bunches in the silk.  Remember this skirt from one of my Halloween costumes?  I will never wear this skirt again either.  I wanted to try it out sans costume… and then I discovered it has odd splotches of fading.  Oh well, I guess it will go back to the thrift store.  I perhaps should have attempted a floor length skirt of a different pattern as well, but it can be terribly cost prohibitive.  I don’t like any of the ones at Forever 21 either :(  

Eventually the rain chased me back inside.  I had to dry my hair again.  And my skirt.  

But there is one thing I will do again: go get a soy latte from the bike shop.  Yes, I said the bike shop.  That’s what I did the day I was wearing this.  I went everywhere in this tiny town my father lives in (ran out of soy, no espresso…) and was finally directed to the bike shop.  For a latte?  What?  But yes, it’s true, they have the best coffee in town (organic, fair trade, and only $3 for my medium soy latte).  But shhh, don’t tell anyone or the yuppies will ruin it!

Banana Republic shirt, Charlotte Russe belt, thrifted skirt (Salvation Army), Jeffrey Campbell boots, Anthropologie scarf.  

I Still See Your Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes

10.30.10 to 10.31.10 – Halloween 

Happy Halloween!  This is the second costume for Halloween 2010… and can I tell you that I was at a surprise 60th birthday party… in a biker bar… and it was a Mardi Gras party (but the invitation said masquerade, apparently that is the same thing out in the boonies)… and I was wearing this gypsy costume (about 2% of total guests were in costume).  I should have worn my leather and chains, I certainly have enough of those, but I didn’t know that it was going to be… yeah.  I just put on an extra layer of red lipstick.  

Do you like my Marie Antoinette-inspired mask?  I put it together in the afternoon with ribbons from A. C. Moore.  I didn’t really wear it at the birthday party, so I hope I get the change to go to a real masquerade sometime soon!  I didn’t wear it when I went out to party #2 later either.  When I got there gypsy was the next song they played after I walked in… hahhahahaha.  

Actually I quite like this skirt and I may wear it for real sometime!  

Thrifted blouse with lace, thrifted blouse with double collar, thrifted skirt, scarf from Dubrovnik, A. C. Moore leather ribbon belt, mask composed of ribbon from A. C. Moore, Frye boots.