Mink Pink Mink Yellow

4.30.2010  Friday

Extremely late post.  It was maybe touch warm for the sweater last Friday but I really liked the yellow — better than the short sleeved grey I almost wore.  My friend was home from medical school in Dominica so we got together for a bit!  We are always on Skype so we actually see each other often!  It’s a bit different than totally in person though.  She can’t steal my Vegan Treats through the computer!

In more updated news, I’m leaving for Atlantic City today and won’t be back until Sunday.  I have a look or two for the queue though! 

Yellow sweater (J. Crew), black and white dress (Mink Pink), nude platform pumps (Sofft).

Yes… They are Jeggings

4.29.2010 Thursday

Debut of the jeggings.  I’ve had these for a while but just never got any photos of them.  I wore this to a casual lunch with one of my friends… and proceeded to stuff myself with a plate of pasta.  And a whole bunch of bread.  I guess it’s lucky that these jeggings are a bit too big for me, then.  I definitely couldn’t have gotten into the next size down though.  Maybe these are a little too long on me or something?  I can’t help but think jeggings should fit closer to the leg.  These are more like straight leg/skinny jeans on me. 

I’m trying out a different way of letting you know what I’m wearing… it’s the way you’re supposed to describe things on Mode Republic.  So really I’m just being lazy :)

Green shirt (Old Navy), grey and white striped cardigan (Ann Taylor Loft), brown leather belt (Target), green and white scarf (Intermix), light blue jeggings (J Brand), nude pumps (Sofft). 

Fun With Antique Filters

4.28.2010 Wednesday

Sadly this yellow dress kept sticking to my tights throughout the day — despite the lining!  I guess this is a no tights kind of dress so luckily it’s becoming warmer.  I feel as if spring was very cold again this year.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I do know that last year spring was legitimately cold.  It snowed the last week in April of 2009.  I’m not sure that I’ll find spring warm again until… maybe sometime in the next few years?  After spending spring in Japan I feel as if the temperatures should go up into the 60s during March… and that just doesn’t happen this far north! 

According to the second photo it’s currently Halloween.  I wonder how long that pumpkin has been there.  Since Halloween?  Maybe even Halloween 2008! 

Grey leopard print cardigan (Old Navy), yellow dress (Velvet), gold belt (Shimamura (Japan)), grey tights (HUE), navy and white shoes (Lela Rose for Payless).

Dress Up… Sort of

4.24.2010 Saturday

These are from a week ago when I went to my sorority’s alumnae gala.  We were celebrating 25 years at the university.  It was great to have so many of us back together again!  A lot of us are spread out and don’t have a chance to see each other much any more. 

I should have thought to wear my pin — bad!  But thankfully I wasn’t the only one.  I got this dress last year in Willemstad, Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles.  It’s by an independent designer from Indonesia.  I really loved the store but prices were out of control so I only got this one dress. 

From Curaçao dress, Banana Republic sandals. 


4.3.2010  Friday

This look is dedicated to jerseyferrari. She inspired me to wear my pink tights with a pattern, as I generally wear them with solids, namely black.  Well, here they are with black again but my dress does have a floral pattern! 

The detail of the sweater is really interesting — it’s not just a basic black.  There’s a sort of bubble burnout pattern in the fabric that you can see a little in the first photo on the left where the sunlight is shining through the bottom of the sweater.  I never take detail shots (for some reason I find them ridiculously difficult and they never seem to focus correctly, as well as always having poor lighting) and I think maybe it’s time to give them some effort.  If anyone has any suggestions please email me (dearalexelizabeth@gmail.com) or even facebook me or something!!

Sweater… thing from Francesca’s Collections, Free People dress, H&M belt, We Love Colors tights, Sofft platform sandals. 

Washed Out


I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with my camera… no matter what I do to the settings if it’s a bright day everything comes out overexposed.  This camera is going on three years so maybe it’s just nearing the end of its life.  Maybe I should buy myself a better camera for my birthday?  It’s coming up soon, I’m getting old! 

Old Navy cardigan, Old Navy camisole, J. Crew skirt, Sofft shoes.

Just Another Manic Monday


This is my new Ann Taylor skirt, I got it during the 40% off sale… about two weeks ago?  The quality of the wool is excellent and I’m glad to finally have a black pencil skirt!  I searched for one I really liked for a such a long time. It does need some tailoring though — I pulled it all the way up my rib cage because it’s too long and I think there’s a bit too much fabric through the hip that has to go.  Now if I could just find a tailor I like…

Unknown shirt from Francesca’s Collections, Ann Taylor skirt, unknown gold belt from Shimamura (Japan), Assets by Sara Blakely stockings, Anne Klein shoes. 

Flowers Flowers Flowers


I wore this Friday so I am definitely late with this post!  I didn’t feel too overdressed, but we did have an in-office retirement lunch party.  I was wearing a short sleeved sweater too because it was cool out until the late afternoon. 

I feel like I really need more belts, especially some thin and decorative ones.  I really want a silver skinny belt and may have to cave and get one of the J. Crew ones.  I also want belts in fun and unusual colors like pink, turquoise, maybe even electric blue? 

Charlotte Russe dress, J. Crew ribbon belt, Sofft shoes.

Patterns of Leaves


I’ve gotten a few new things lately that are going to start appearing!  First up: shoes!!  I got these online at the Aldo clearance sale!  None left in the store :(  The store near me is really bad though, I feel like every time I go in there to see shoes they don’t carry any of the ones I want to see/try on.  And yes, I wore these to work.  They truly don’t care what I wear and there is no dress code.  Our building is tucked away and hidden, and people don’t have any reason to visit us anyway.  Most meetings take place elsewhere.  Elsewhere with a lot of space for people, which we definitely do not have!  Probably why no one comes to see us :)

I’m not really sure what people think of these shoes… I think mostly they don’t like them because they are too… non-white bread.  I often give people the am-I-supposed-to-care-about-what-you’re-saying-to-me look whenever they comment on my shoes.   I really don’t care if you notice them, I don’t care what you think or say about them.  Mostly the people who are like oh… shoes… are the ones that wear athletic clothing every day.  To work.  To dinner.  Mesh shorts are not appropriate dinner attire. 

American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, H&M belt, Forever 21 skirt, HUE tights, Aldo shoes. 

Pink and Blue


This was sometime last week and I totally don’t remember what I did at all… probably went to Starbucks?  I don’t think I was working that day so I must have done something…

This is the last of my back posts and new (and recent) things are coming soon!

Old Navy cardigan, Splendid dress, Coach trench coat, J. Crew belt, Sofft shoes.