With the last of the sun…

13 Jan 2011

So guys, I tried really hard to get some cool lens flare…

Yeah, fail.  They’re almost all like that, and the ones that aren’t have the worst chromatic aberration ever.  So none of that, then.  I’ll just have to keep trying!

I haven’t worn these liquid leggings in forever so I thought it was about time I got them out again.  I was going for something a bit tougher looking I guess, with the leggings and the motocycle boots.  However I think I totally ruined it with that Anthropologie sweater.

Ehh… oh well.  I’ve always been more of a gothic romantic type of dresser when liquid leggings and lace and black are involved.   I know I’ve mentioned it before but I had a serious goth streak in high school :)  One of my friends recently posted this about idolizing Morticia Addams as a child.  I was totally Morticia Addams for Halloween once when I was younger.  My great aunt made the dress and it was sparkly and spectacular, and one of these days I’ll dig up the photos.

Here’s to hoping this week’s outfits are a bit more sparkly and spectacular!  I almost didn’t post this set and I think everything I wore last week was spectacularly unspectacular.  I’m not posting some of others but those actually didn’t come out, I swear.  Photos after 5 pm on cloudy snowy days = definitely not advisable!

Love, Alex

Anthropologie sweater, Mink Pink dress, Romeo + Juliet Couture leggings, Target boots.

Mink Pink Mink Yellow

4.30.2010  Friday

Extremely late post.  It was maybe touch warm for the sweater last Friday but I really liked the yellow — better than the short sleeved grey I almost wore.  My friend was home from medical school in Dominica so we got together for a bit!  We are always on Skype so we actually see each other often!  It’s a bit different than totally in person though.  She can’t steal my Vegan Treats through the computer!

In more updated news, I’m leaving for Atlantic City today and won’t be back until Sunday.  I have a look or two for the queue though! 

Yellow sweater (J. Crew), black and white dress (Mink Pink), nude platform pumps (Sofft).