Yes… They are Jeggings

4.29.2010 Thursday

Debut of the jeggings.  I’ve had these for a while but just never got any photos of them.  I wore this to a casual lunch with one of my friends… and proceeded to stuff myself with a plate of pasta.  And a whole bunch of bread.  I guess it’s lucky that these jeggings are a bit too big for me, then.  I definitely couldn’t have gotten into the next size down though.  Maybe these are a little too long on me or something?  I can’t help but think jeggings should fit closer to the leg.  These are more like straight leg/skinny jeans on me. 

I’m trying out a different way of letting you know what I’m wearing… it’s the way you’re supposed to describe things on Mode Republic.  So really I’m just being lazy :)

Green shirt (Old Navy), grey and white striped cardigan (Ann Taylor Loft), brown leather belt (Target), green and white scarf (Intermix), light blue jeggings (J Brand), nude pumps (Sofft).