Presents from StrandedBlogger

Quick post before I’m out and about for the day! Last night I went to StrandedBlogger, a post-conference meetup organized by Modly Chic. It was awesome meeting Katy in person for the first time! And because Katy is totally the best, she even got us gift bags.

we love colors socks
Socks from We Love Colors!
humana by micagem
MicaGem donates a mosquito net to a child in need for every bottle of fragrance sold.
strandedblogger gift bag
A free drink voucher for the Top of the Strand, which has really a nice view uptown.

It was fun meeting people face-to-face (and not on Skype)! I also met Star-Crossed Smile in person for the first time for a pre-meetup meetup and we shared a cab uptown. We were lucky to get one, it can definitely be next to impossible in the rain.

Tweet me (@alexshook) if you’re going to FNO tonight! My only definite stop is DKNY and it’s definitely going to be crazy, but I hope to cross paths with people I met last night!

Dressing for Dinner

12 Feb 2011

Okay, so this is really dressing for a late cocktail party.

For the most part this blog is a chronicle of my daywear– I rarely post photos if I change for dinner (or later) because there’s not a lot of usable light around 8/9 pm.  But this day I got back and changed right away to capture photos.  I wore this for evening when one of my sorority sisters had a Valentine’s cocktail party.  I didn’t want to be too too dressed but luckily there were tons of people in red satin and stilettos.  I had to forego the heels, still far too much ice and too many tall snow banks that must be navigated.  I’ve been doing good with wearing responsible footwear lately.  Walking three miles through New York almost every day I’m there is really doing bad things for my knee, so no heels possible at this time.

Also, sorry I’ve been a bad commenter and a bad comment replier.  I’m going to have to set aside nights for blogging or something.  Time.  Management.  Been out of school for too long.



Francesca’s Collections open cardigan, Betsey Johnson dress (vintage), Forever 21 belt, We Love Colors tights, Cole Haan shoes.

Winter Outerwear: Snow Falling

Originally posted on 1.10.11 and featured on the We Love Colors Style Blog.

Taken on Saturday 8 Jan 2011

I really hope you like these photos because I almost got eaten by a hawk while I was kneeling to get a better shot of those holly leaves.  It was eyeing the back of my head the whole time and making me very, very nervous.  I thought it was going to try to pick me up by the collar and fly off with me.

Luckily I was spared!  I was treated to a glorious view of its brown and white spotted underside as it flew away.  I guess it decided I wouldn’t make very good prey after all.  Unfortunately it was gone in a blink and I was unable to capture it in a photo.

I wish I could tell you what kind of hawk, but I’m not a very good bird-watcher.  My father is though, he definitely would have been able to identify what type of hawk.

I wasn’t going to take any photos of myself, but once I got outside I thought the snow was just too nice.  I definitely had one of those weirdo dressing days where I thought I wasn’t exactly myself.  I hardly ever wear this much color all at once… I mean, green tights?

Hahaa one snowflake fell on my head and apparently my hair is big enough that it didn’t melt while I was taking photos.

After I photographed the fur I decided to do a coat series, but I didn’t do a very good job with this coat.  I’ll have to get photos with the collar buttoned up sometime, it looks very different!

Expect more outerwear soon!

J.Crew Colletta coat (better sale in stores though), Love Quotes scarf, Charlotte Russe dress, We Love Colors tights, Gap mohair socks, J.Crew wellingtons.


4.3.2010  Friday

This look is dedicated to jerseyferrari. She inspired me to wear my pink tights with a pattern, as I generally wear them with solids, namely black.  Well, here they are with black again but my dress does have a floral pattern! 

The detail of the sweater is really interesting — it’s not just a basic black.  There’s a sort of bubble burnout pattern in the fabric that you can see a little in the first photo on the left where the sunlight is shining through the bottom of the sweater.  I never take detail shots (for some reason I find them ridiculously difficult and they never seem to focus correctly, as well as always having poor lighting) and I think maybe it’s time to give them some effort.  If anyone has any suggestions please email me ( or even facebook me or something!!

Sweater… thing from Francesca’s Collections, Free People dress, H&M belt, We Love Colors tights, Sofft platform sandals.