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New York City Skyline | Delayed Missives lifestyle blog by Alexandra Shook

Dear Caitlin,

I haven’t been around much this month, I know. It’s been busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been putting most of my energy into making my final project for class– an application built end-to-end by me. My project is called Retourist and is an attempt to build a better travel site, one that’s user-based and has suggestions for less touristy experiences. It’s still in beta and needs a lot of features built out, but it mostly works and at least the index page has a lot of nice photos.

I’ve also been thinking very seriously about New Year’s resolutions this year.

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New Year in the Sparkling Archway

Dear Christine,

Another day, another year… they really do seem to fly away faster with each passing year. I spent the day wandering the old neighborhood with my roommate, dreaming of apartments on the border of the West Village and Chelsea, and walked by my house. I tried to go to Magnolia for a New Year’s cupcake but the line was out the door and around the block. I didn’t want one quite that much.

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